June 09, 2005



Don't be surprised to see this Outdoor Entertainment Island on an episode of MTV's Cribs someday. This island costs around $17,000, and holds and impressive large screen JVC 42" plasma TV that rises from within the island. It features a built in subwoofer, DVD/CD player with AM/FM tuner, Sirus Satellite radio compatible, and coaxial input for satellite receiver or cable. It is designed to withstand adverse conditions of saltwater, sun, wind and cold.I could really see myself falling in love with the guy or girl that gets me this!

Making an appearance at the Valentino's Fall 2005 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show in Paris was the iPod mini in a shiny, metallic case, suspended by hip chains.It's very cute but it's a little to bedazzled for me(My t-mobile is blinged and I have a canary yellow and a ruby red stoned out i-pod)


With Summer here, you are probably enjoying the warm evenings by the pool at Soho House. If you live in the South, you are probably pestered by those annoying mosquitoes. So you light up the citronella candles or worse yet, those fluorescent light zappers,OR you can get the Electronic Mosquito Racket. Just press on the switch and a live electric current flows through the inner mesh and the moment a mosquito, bug or fly comes touches it, it gets a electric shock and gets zapped. Just wave it around and get hold of undetected bugs and pests.They claim its very safe with its protective mesh on both sides of the live electric inner mesh. How cute and girly to swat the mosquitoes and flies with a pink racket.


Thank Zeno this time for the solution that will spare you from the embarrassing blemishes before the big day. The first home acne treatment device, approved by the FDA is now available. Zeno is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that makes pimples disappear fast. It uses a medical heat dose treatment on individual acne blemishes in people with mild to moderate acne. Two to three 2 1/2 minute treatments spread over 24 hours are enough to zap most pimples. Price: $225 ...Zeno?..Wasn't he the Greek God of Complexion..All hail Zeno!

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