June 09, 2005


I used to be the biggest Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston fan,so much so that I was soooo happy when they got married.*cue Cher*
A Look Back Through MugShots

Well while Whitney works on trying to make her Mariah like comeback ,Bobby is working on his also,with a new reality series on Bravo called BEING BOBBY BROWN.I had no idea people were interested in knowing what it's like being a crackhead,deadbeat,drunken,cheating,has been...go on Surreal Life like the rest!
Here's what the show's about:
Being Bobby Brown will follow Brown and the rest of his immediate and extended family over the course of six months. Shot documentary-style, the series will reveal the close bonds Bobby has with his wife and children and unveil what his life is like both in the spotlight and behind closed doors. The series will show Brown as a family man and husband, apart from the front-page scandals and allegations that have plagued, and at times overshadowed, his successful music career. Viewers also get a deep look into Brown's relationships with his wife, Whitney Houston, their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and La Princia and Bobby, Jr., his children from a previous relationship.
Well if you just can't wait for the show watch a clip of Bobby as he smears Preparation H all over his face so Whitney won't see how much fun he's been having without her(if you count the bags under his eyes you can tell how much child support he owes)...roll the clip(LINK)

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