June 27, 2005


None other than our beloved Karl Lagerfeld himself put his innovative mastermind to work to create this Chanel TV Belt. This gem was almost overlooked during this year’s Chanel Spring/Summer 2005 Runway Presentation, yet it is the item for any socialite this summer. Yeap, Karl is always good for some ridiculous magic out of the blue. And yes, the screens did indeed show Nicole Kidman’s ad while the models ran the catwalk. However, it is questionable that this gadget will ever hit the Chanel stores. A lady at the NYC store apparently mentioned it may stay runway only, but who knows with Chanel.
With all this concern about aging, it is probably your best bet to start taking preventive measures before its too late. The Vitamin-C Shower Filter is an attachment for your shower that releases the exact amount of vitamin to neutralize chlorine or chloramines in the water that passes through your shower. It nourishes your skin with harmless water that eliminates alkali water- which dries your skin- to weak acid-water. It also eliminates active oxygen, which often causes skin aging, therefore moisturizing your skin. The Vitamin C shower filter works in any water temperature or water pressure. Great for your dyed hair, sensitive skin, dandruff prevention and asthma sufferers.
The Programmable Pet Dish is designed to help people who are constantly on the go, or too lazy to feed their pets. The dish has a digital programmable timer and self opening food tray that automatically feeds your kitty up to four meals a day. You can also record your voice to tell your pet it's time to eat. The dish runs on four C batteries.
What makes this ironing board different is the heat sensitive towel that covers the models; ohhh yes, you will watch that towel disappear from Richard when ironing those stubborn wrinkles out.my how life imitates machine,when I iron butt naked men seem to take their clothes off too.You can choose from 2 men or 2 women.

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