June 06, 2005

Summer Jam

While I was out having the most boring time at Radio City Music Hall for the Tony's.There was a party going on at Giants Stadium for the Hot 97 Summer Jam.What would that event be without it's scandal,I mean it was at this event that the Jay-Z/Nas Battle brewed.Well this year THE GAME set it off with his lyrical bullets aimed at 50 Cent and his G-Unit goons.VH1 states:
During Summer Jam, the New York tri-state area's biggest hip-hop concert of the year, the Game's frustrations boiled over while onstage in New Jersey's Giants Stadium, and he took several verbal shots at the G-Unit. The rapper also had people dressed up in a gorilla suit and a rat costume — representing 50's alleged snitching — both wearing G-Unit T-shirts and getting beaten in a mocking manner by Game's clique.The lanky MC even threw a G-Unit chain he once wore proudly into the audience like it nothing more than a used tissue going into a garbage can.The tirade ended, ironically, with Game performing the song he and 50 made famous, "This Is How We Do." Before going into the verses, Game had more unfavorable words for the entire crew: "50 Cent can suck my ... / Tony Yayo can suck my ... /G-Unit can suck my ..."I'll suck it Game...G-G-G-G-G-G-U NOT!
The game

At a recent Snoop Dogg show a concert goer jumped on stage and touched Snoop on his shoulder,this immediately sent everyone on stage into a fury and turned the fan into a human pinata.That gives new meaning to dust your shoulders off.Here's footage of the incident.Man he got KNOCKED THE FUGG OUT!!!!

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Cool new blog. BtW that fool got what was coming to him. Rap artist just can't have people coming up to them on stage. But where was security in the first place? I think this guy is kinda big so he looked like security Notice how much smaller Snoopp looks next to him?

By Blogger T. Zac. R. R., at June 06, 2005  

Nice blog Miss Hollyhood..:-) I agree that the guy that got beat up at the Snoop concert got what was coming to him. Even if he was invited on the stage, why the hell was he stupid enough to put his arms around Snoop. You notice none of Snoop's entourage attacked him until that moment. That was just stupid on his part, though I feel sorry for him.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 10, 2005  

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