June 23, 2005


Started in 1995 , LaMancha Productions is one of the premiere destinations of men in search of quality, exclusive content featuring Black & Latin men. Producer Enrique Cruz continues to innovate. From Learning Latin 1 (Vivid Man) to Hard-core thug passion one can see why his line has been one of the most successful Ethnic Lines to date.I myself being a straight woman can't help but get a little hot and bothered when watching some of Enrique's movies filled with rough homeboys from off the street.I got my first movie,Aprende(a hot latin movie that follows the lives of some cute sexy latinos as they sex their way from dorm rooms to bathrooms to a hot scene atop of a white Jeep) it was a gag gift but when I watched it I instantly was turned on by the bodies and sexy predicaments the papis found themselves in.Yes gay porn is my guilty pleasure and I had the pleasure of having the Director and King of THUG PORN,Enrique Cruz for my very first interview.

How did you get started in the porn industry?
I went to art school and studied "film" at the school of visual arts here in new york; but, getting into the bizness was a matter of raising the money from friends and myself and putting together a sample movie. I did that and sent to a few places and met a guy who was Heather Hunter's agent and acted as my agent and sent to Vivid Films; so, I signed a five picture deal with Vivid's Gay line (called Vivid Raw). After that deal I formed my own company and started working for myself. That's it in a nutshell.

How does an O.J(Ordinary Joe) get into porn as an actor,director or writer?
It's all in who you know to get into the bizness. As actor is a little easier, you can submit photos to a studio you like. But, becoming a director or writer is getting in good with someone that is in the porn world.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about the porn biz?
I would say the casting couch idea is a big one; people expect that you have to test drive the new models and for me at least that wasn't the way I wanted to do business. I think the business is work and you try not to soil your work area.

How do family& friends feel about your job?
I don't really talk about the day job to friends, but the ones that know think it's cool. My mom does know a little bit about what I do and she doesn't ask a lot of questions about it (she doesn't really want to know).

Do you have a normal life?Are you dating anyone and if not,do you find it easier or harder to meet someone, considering your job and all?
I have been in a gay relationship for a few years now -- and I have a dog and a cat and cook and clean. The day job (making the porn vids) is just something I do and I try to keep it separate from when I get home. But, in my social life I don't really talk about the day job mainly because I don't want it to take over my life.

You use a lot of hip hop in your movies(the fashion and the music).Why does hip hop and porn go so well together?
Porn is a fantasy and I think the fantasy of being with a thug rapper is big in the gay world. Most people I talk to have dreams about getting naked with masculine men.

Are all of the actors gay in your movies?

I would say about 70 percent of the actors are gay and about 30 percent are straight hustler types that are doing it for money (quick cash). I can work with both and just be up front about what I need in the shot.

How do you prepare an actor mentally to start his life as an actor in porn?Because once he's done it,it's out there for the world to see.

I am very honest about the business. One of the questions I ask during a casting is, "what is your interest in doing porn?" and then I layout the good the bad and the ugly.

There is one scene in Aprende where the actors are fucking on top of a Jeep,who's concept was that? It was hot!

The Jeep scene in "Aprende" was shot over 3 days in the bronx near orhard beach. -- in a very quiet area. I like the idea of documentary type films mixing into the sex; like you just happened to be a fly on the wall. I think "aprende" and "off da hook" was my attempt at reality TV.
I did get stopped during the filming of "Aprende" on the jeep scene by a security car and we told them we were shooting a record album and they let alone.
Do you feel a social responsibilty to help out the gay community?

I do understand that what I am doing will be seen by a lot gay men -- some of which are just coming out the closet -- and my role here is to make sure that safe-sex is a part of the scenes I do. I don't think I would do a film that didn't have condoms for the sex, just because it would send the wrong message.
I have to ask this one,I've seen some big ass dicks in porn, What was the biggest dick you guys ever had come in your offices(no pun intended)?

I think 11 inches or 12 inches was the biggest I've seen. I'm not really into size I personally like faces and bodies.

What's next for Enrique Cruz?

The new film is called Enrique Cruz "reloaded" and will be in stores in September or October. This summer I am working on some latino themed films and then I'll see what happens in the fall. I also update the website with original content: enriquecruz.com at least every week.

That concludes my True HollyHood Story interview with Adult Entertainment Director/Producer./Mogul... Enrique Cruz.Please feel free to check out his site and pick up any number of his movies on sale at EnriqueCruz.com.
I will be giving away 2 copies of the classic Thug Porn movie OFF DA HOOK on DVD.Leave your name and e-mail with holiday_n05@yahoo.com and through a drawing a winner will be announced.Good Fuck..I mean Luck!


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Holiday I wish you could have gotten Enrique Cruz to tell us something he hasn't already. I am a fan and have read his website in detail. I would like to know what are exactly the "good the bad and the ugly" are of the porn industry. Also I would like to know what kind of money the participants are making. I would love a follow-up interview. BTW Urban Harddrive is a hot film. I like Off Da Hook better. Even though it is porn, the story lines in Enrique Cruz flix are more realistic and true to urban culture then those fetish-type flix you see from non Latin or Black producers. Some of those things have actually happened to me.

By Blogger T. Zac. R. R., at June 26, 2005  

Holiday, this interview is FUCKING (no pun intended) amazing. Its the closet and most personal look i've ever seen of Director Enrique Cruz. AWESOME job.

By Blogger Frank León Roberts, at June 29, 2005  

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