June 10, 2005

At a press conference held at Club Capitale in New York, Usher announced theNew Look Foundation, a non-profit organization, will re-launchwith is help on July 8th.

"The vision is to change music, sports and entertainment as we know by creating a smarter athlete and a well informed entertainer," Shawn H. Wilson, executive director of the New Look Foundation, told SOHH.com.

The goal of organization, which has been around for four years, is to teach kids about business and responsibility through working in a hands-on type of environment.

"The original focus of the organization was as a grant-making entity donating money. But he [Usher] wanted more, he wanted to be in the driver's seat," he said. "So that's the difference from four years ago; we went from a grant making entity to more hands-on."

The New Look Foundation will be holding a two-week sports and entertainment camp for kids at Clark Atlanta University. 250 kids between the ages 9 and 17 will learn how to become better athletes and methods in business and marketing. They'll be able to utilize what they learn when they throw the organization's first fundraiser, a Celebrity Basketball game, set to take place on July 23rd. Not only will kids be participating in the event, but they will be organizing and running it.

Shawn H. Wilson, the Executive Director of the New Look Foundation, has 15 years of experience in non-profit organizations. He's also assisted celebs in getting organizations off the ground. "To be honest, I have a history of helping celebrities start non- for-profits," he said. "When you look into [Ushers] eye and see his passion, you can't help but want to open doors."

1-It looks like the hip hop community wants 50 cent outie.Yup get ready people,I hope yall like meat,cuz the beefs are starting.
Bloods protest against snitches. On Tuesday, approximately twenty men believed to be Blood gang members picketed against snitches in front of New York's Hot 97. A source told SOHH.com that the men held up picket signs which featured a crossed-out rat, symbolic for people to "stop snitching." Several days later the men were seen outside of Violator Management, the management company for 50 Cent. The protests came several days after The Game's performance at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert.
2-The Game has dropped 16 bars for for Sheek Louch's upcoming album, After Taxes. While the track has yet to be titled, Sheek Louch told SOHH.com that Chuck Taylor had completed his verse for the song. "Game just called. He finished his verse," Sheek told SOHH.com. Sheek's upcoming album also features "Maybe If I Sing," a song entirely aimed at 50 Cent rapper. "I just had to mash on that ni99a 50. He's a coward. He is a beeyatch. He's rich. I ain't gon lie about that. I ain't jealous, but we at war right now, so it is what it is," Sheek explained."We have been in the game a long time…maybe if we did do it this way...maybe if we sing on records and take this dude's formula and switch it and act like he's doing something wrong, but you're doing the same thing. I'll be rich."

According to New York's Daily News, Jay-Z has surpassed P. Diddy as the richest Hip-Hop Mogul. Fortune Magazine estimated Puff's wealth at $315 million which hasn't changed since last year. The publication now estimates Hov's fortune at $320 million. "I'm just proud of Jay-Z. I'm happy it's one of my friends," Combs told the Daily News at Audermars Piguet's Manhattan boutique as Jay stood next to him. "We're gonna trade that No. 1 spot back and forth. He'll give it back to me next year." Young added, "It's all in the plan. I didn't even expect it this year."

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YAAAAAAAAAYE HOV!! That is my negro. I love that he is such a smart business man, and that he does it on the stealth. He isnt .
blasting himself like puff... just DOING it. I love that.

Personally, I am tired of 50 too... but using him as a ladder to try to make a climb up is corny. If you have skills and good songs, you can be rich like 50 too... but if all you can do is diss fifty and mimick him, I will soon grow weary of you too.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at June 12, 2005  

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