June 22, 2005


VIN DIESEL. Born in '67. Plays rough trade characters. Running hot. And off-screen, lives a young and hot ba dass lifestyle. Being he's New York-born, I'm not knocking him, understand, just commenting.
Take one recent affair at his nifty-looking L.A. home. Now maybe this is the norm and it happens at all his parties. Maybe this was the absolutely only one like this he's ever thrown. I don't know. I only know one of his guests told me about it.
All women. Every guest, female. Every single, solitary person admitted was female. No guys — at all — except for his sumo-sized security guards.
A newie to the scene, there mostly because she'd heard about his house and wanted to see it, felt uncomfortable. She eyed what she thought were hookers. Not knowing what was coming down, she scooted early.
As she left a guard smiled and said: "Not your type party, right?"
And this host is the same guy who was involved in the Build-A-Bear Workshop. One of the celebrities who had a one-of-a-kind teddy bear just created in his likeness and got to take it away with him and keep it. Awwrrrrggggghhhh, Vin Diesel cuddling up with his very own teddy bear — and a houseful of real live cuddly bears wearing teddys.
Last week Whitney Houston went to the office of her mentor Clive Davis. As a team, they picked five songs to start their first album together in five years. Whitney worked it neat. Did the meet and greet. Checked into each office in the company, smiled, chatted, handshaked, photo-op'd, autographed and showed she's just one of the sisters.
Orders are already coming in for the new album.
TV News Anchor SUE SIMMONS. East River Drive. Gets a flat. Cranky, aggravated, figuring this will delay her hours, she calls her Jag's service number. While speaking to them some Rasta in dreads, driving by in a tow truck, shouts, "Don't even get out of the car, lady." Still on the car phone, she's put onto a flatbed, goes one exit to 96th Street; the dude fixes it, charges $85 and the whole thing's done in less than 10 minutes.

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