June 05, 2005


HollyHood is a place where you can find out all the low down on the down low from the Britney's to Whitney's from bitches to riches from sandals to scandals I'm gonna give you the HOLLYHOOD perspective.What is HOLLYHOOD? It's Gucci and Timbs it's caviar and kool-aid it's how do you do? and bitch fuck you, all rolled into one.
Anna Nicole Smith has stupified her way from Playboy to Guess Girl to Heiress(like myself) to a Too Much Reality for my ass T.V. Star to Pill Pusher and now she's a writer for the National Enquirer.In her column,Anna gives her opinions on news and pop culture;often giving advice to stars in need.Awww,how Oprah.Would you really accept advice from that bitch?Anyway in her latest column she offers some advice for Britney Spears:
Britney, what were you thinking? I saw the first episode of Chaotic and I want to offer some advice. I know you did the show because you want your fans to fall in love with Kevin. My question is: Why? I was hoping your bodyguards would kick his butt so you wouldn't fall in love with him in the first place! Here's my prediction: you'll make him famous and then he'll dump you. I hope I'm wrong. I also hope you don't get mad at me for saying this. But I've been through a lot myself. I'm just trying to save you some heartache.
Someone's had too mant Trim Spa Cocktails
((Trim Spa Cocktail -Vodka,Prozac, and a cute umbrella in a Trim Spa glass))

Every summer for the past 20 years,New Yorkers have gotten out the cute Martha Stewart blankets,the Louis Vuitton picnic baskets and the Tiffany wine glasses to go sit on the grass to enjoy the free concerts put on at CENTRAL PARK SUMMERSTAGE.On June 18th you can enjoy a free concert by R&B/Soul Crooner and Vibe Magazine Coverboy JOHN LEGEND.
Fresh off his tour with Alicia Keys,Mr.Legend is sure to be anything but Ordinary People.
John Legend

DMX - the only artist in history to have his first five albums debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and get arrested for something stupid shortly after - unleashes his 6th album, titled " Here We go Again" set to arrive in stores on June 28th. "Pump Ya Fist," produced by Swizz Beats, has been chosen as the first single. Listen to the single here.

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