June 19, 2005


OMARION-21 year old former member of the r&b boy band B2k,little on singing ability but big on sex appeal. If dance moves are any indicators on how well someone is in the bedroom then Mr.O must be giving women "O's" like crazy.
TREY SONGZ-is a name you might not be familiar with...yet.But he's sure to have everyone screaming out his name pretty soon with the release of his first cd.Gifted with pretty boy looks and a R.kelly like soulfulness(let's hope that his album goes as golden as R.Kelly's piss)Trey is sure to be the next "it"boy.
MARIO-jumped on the scene as young fresh faced teenie bopper with his hit JUST A FRIEND.Now He's all grown up and a legal 18 and singing songs about how we should let him love us..I think we should.
BOBBY VALENTINO-is the new solo artist under rapper Ludacris' label Disturbing the Peace.With his refreshingly cool new cd and round the way handsomeness, BOBBY VALENTINO is sure to make his mark amongst the young gifted and shirtless.
BOW WOW-the young rap phenom that had all the young girls going into heat.He's back with a new album and a new six pack...he dropped the LIL from his name because he assures us that nothing is lil bout him anymore...I'll be the judge of that.

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