July 16, 2005


Do you like drama?How bout scandalicious gay drama?We all know men in a relationship can be a mess,but when you have 2 men in the relationship you're sure to have double that mess.
Well I know you're all checking out the new autobiography by Karrine Steffans but there are many other great summer reads to have at your side while chilling on the beach sucking down Cran-tinis,checking out all the hot eye candy.Fuck Harry Potter,this summer check out Hairy Bottoms.I'm pretty sure that most of my readers are gay,I'm cool with that...I'm such a hag and if you're not gay then you're gay friendly or a woman(hi ladies).My point is, I would love if you'd join me in reading a new book by a really great author that just happens to be gay.Gay should support gay am I right?And as a hag I got your backs...(So e-mail a bitch with some projects that you think I should know about)
AT THIS MOMENT is a book written by Trent Jackson.My personal assistant bought it for me like 2 months ago and I have yet to start because I just know it's the perfect beach book(it's light like 138 pages and it's cute to read at the beach).Plus I want to discuss it with you guys on my other blog,so get your ass a copy..support new authors,support your gay brother,it's absolutely scandalicious I heard, so let's find out together.

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lol...thank you, I appreciate this. You didn't tell me you had the book..

By Blogger Trent Jackson, at July 17, 2005  

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