July 14, 2005


So you love/hate Karrine Steffans and her confessions book.Well did you know that there is another vixen ready to get a piece of the scandal pie?Her name is Carmen Bryan and she is the baby mama of rapper Nas.Her book,Sex, Drugs,and Hip-Hop and Oh Did I Forget to Mention Love? is set to hit shelves this summer.Carmen has been linked to quite a few rappers herself and claims she's the muse behind some of hip hop's big hits and it's biggest on wax fued between Jay-Z and Nas.Check out her exclusive interview here.

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Hey! You had me over here tripping thinking Nas' MOTHER wrote a book - actually Carmen is Nas' Baby Momma :)

Nas' mother is deceased.

By Blogger Pammie, at July 14, 2005  

dang. no speakers at work.
I gotta hear this

By Anonymous grayse, at July 14, 2005  

dayum... that interview is like... read the book... read the book... read the book...

dayum... why was this bytch even granting an interview if she was just going to say read the book the whole time...


By Blogger prodigalsun, at July 18, 2005  

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