July 26, 2005


Between HollyHood Blogazine and my other blog The Heiress Diaries, I get a lot of e-mails from people asking me for advice on things from money matters,style,and health to relationships,plastic surgery and gossip.I don't claim to be an expert in any field,but I do have my educated opinions on everything.So,I'm going to start a column called BITCH,WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Where I'll answer some of the e-mails I've recieved.If you have any problems or questions you'd like my opinion or advice on,feel free to e-mail a bitch at holiday_n05@yahoo.com.
I recieved today's e-mail about a week ago from someone that wanted my advice and since this can apply to a lot of folks out there I'll post it,you can feel free to give you own advice also.
Dear Holiday,
I know I should be asking someone I know personally about this,but I read your blog everyday and you seem a lot like my girlfriend,a lot!!! She's very beautiful and very flirty.Back when I was first trying to date her,she had at least 9 other guys dating her and I can't lie some looked better and had better jobs than me.We've been together for about a year and a half now and she claims it's just me and her but I just have this gut feeling she's cheating.Is there any ways to tell if somebody is cheating on you?

Well it sounds to me like you definitely have some insecurity and not to mention self esteem issues.If she did not feel you were "worthy" of her affection,why would she be wasting her time with you for a year and a half?There is nothing wrong with dating more than one guy,I just hate those instant relationships.Besides, that was in her past.You have got to trust your girl or I don't see you having too many more anniversaries.But to answer your question, I do have some hints about if you think your lover is cheating:
1-Your mate is more attentive to your needs than usual. This is due to the guilt feelings experienced by the cheater in the early stages of his or her affair.If all of a sudden they wanna buy you flowers everyday,a little gift when they come late and this behavior has never been done,I would be a little suspect.These are usually guilt gifts to make themselves feel better.
2-Your mate frequently picks fights with you. Doing this gives him reason to get mad and storm out of the house and thus the opportunity to meet a lover. A cheater may also do this because of mixed emotions he is feeling about betraying you.
3-Your mate criticizes things about you that he or she once found attractive and appealing.
4-Your mate turns the table and accuses you of cheating but has no evidence.
5-Does he/she change rooms when they get a phone call?
6-Is your mate's cellphone off (or voicemail on) a bit too much when you call lately??
7-Sometimes you have to trust that deep down gut feeling.You know your boo better than anybody so you would be able to feel or pick up on a change in feelings.Sometimes we play blind to those feelings and it turns out to be true.

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