July 20, 2005

Colin Farrell Sues Ex Over Sex Tape
He says the two had an agreement that they would never make the tape public. The lawsuit filed Monday seeks general and compensatory damages as well as a temporary restraining order and injunction prohibiting the distribution of the videotape. The woman, Nicole Narain, had an intimate relationship (hey, who hasn't?) with Farrell two and a half years ago. The 15-minute tape was going to be released by an Internet pornography company. I hope it's released because I heard Colin could win an Oscar for his performance.
It's confirmed that the 'Queen of Reality TV' Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has separated from her husband Aaron Stallworth. "Aaron and I are still very close. He's my college sweetheart and will always be the love of my life. Instead of growing apart, we're just growing up, which is causing us to go in different directions," Manigault-Stallworth told press.
Congratulations are apparently in order for former B2K singer J-Boog (real name is Jarrell Houston). The 20-year-old 'You Got Served' star is about to be a dad. A source close to the singer says it is expected that his longtime girlfriend will give birth to the couple's first child sometime before September.
Hollywood insiders are buzzing with rumors that a multimedia mogul is allegedly penning a book about being "a bisexual father in the entertainment industry." "It's all the talk in Los Angeles," said an industry source. "Apparently he's really going to write this book." Rumors about said manager/record executive/producer/director's sexuality have followed him for years, but notable industry types feel a book like this could be detrimental to his business.

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You know whats funny... I talked to Raz-B yesterday, and he said J-Boog is already a father... I think he had a son about two weeks ago...

Which shocked the hell out of me, since I alwasy thought he was the gay one...

Rocka (http://rockaonline.com)

By Blogger Rocka, at July 20, 2005  

Happy Birthday!

Love your blog :)

By Anonymous Lady L, at July 20, 2005  

Hmmmm...could it be uh Chris Stokes? But he's not a father huh...

By Blogger Valentino, at July 21, 2005  

Actually, I have been to a couple B2K concerts (relax, I took my two teenage sisters... lol) And really, seeing how they interact, they didn't seem gay to me at all. I mean, I know its just them on stage or whatever, so it coulda all been a front, but I do feel like live shows, while there is a scripted element, much of the interaction is ad-lib, so you do get a feel for their personalities more so than an interview or other venue. And they didnt seem gay. Congrats to Jboog though.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at July 21, 2005  

The bisexual father could that be Geffen?

By Blogger T. Zac. R. R., at July 26, 2005  

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