July 12, 2005


Unless you've been under a rock,which is actually code for saying" smart enough to be having a life instead of being in someone else's" then you've heard about the drama between bestselling author Terry McMillan and her gay husband Johnathan Plummer.Well Johnathan has been telling his story all over the media world and tonight it's Terry's Turn.
Terry McMillan spoke out for the first time bluntly on “Tavis Smiley” on PBS on her well publicized dispute with her estranged husband Jonathan Plummer. McMillan is the best-selling author of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," "Waiting to Exhale" and her new novel "The Interruption of Everything." The conversation with Tavis will air tonight, Tuesday, July 12 on PBS.
It's Not About Him Being Gay, But ...
I don’t care about him being gay, but he risked my life. What if I’m sitting here HIV positive. I can’t get rid of that. And he wants my money? He should get a job. That’s all I have to say.”
She Kicked Him To The Curb
“I was getting a divorce from Jonathan in the first place. When I basically asked him if he was looking for a place to live was when he decided to tell me he was gay. I find out he has a lover of nine months. I kicked him out of the house. His lover was not available. I put him up in a hotel for three weeks, and the next thing I know, he gets an attorney and he’s suing me for my prenuptial agreement saying basically that he signed it (under) duress, which is not true.”
He’s a Habitual Liar and Sociopath
“I resent that he did all of this to basically eclipse the publication of my book so people would think that it’s a publicity stunt. I don’t need him for publicity. All this is basically because he wants my money. He’s not getting it. He has risked my life by having sex with men for years. He has become a U.S. citizen because of his relationship with me. He’s trying to get sympathy for himself and he’s a habitual liar and he’s a sociopath. Now, I will prove it. He has gotten on my last nerve"
J.L. King, author of the 2004 bombshell book “Living on the Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men Who Sleep with Men,” will go on tour with his ex-wife, author Brenda Stone Browder, to share their personal experiences of the "down low" phenomenon, and how those going through the difficulties associated with a partner living on the down low can heal, forgive and find love again.
The trek, called "A Conversation of Reconciliation," is in direct response to the hundreds of requests each of the authors has received while promoting their separate literary projects.
"Many people have come up to me, in disbelief that Brenda and I are friends, and that people really can heal and move past their differences,” King says. “Hopefully our tour will teach people how they too, can move past their pain.”
According to Contact Music, Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown want to give their 12-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina a little brother. "We're trying for another baby,” Bobby said, according to the web site. “She wants a boy, and I want her to be happy."
Latina actress Jessica Alba has something to say to the “Fantastic Four” geeks who have flooded Internet message boards protesting her casting as Sue Storm, whose skin is drawn pasty-white in the comic book series. "If people get caught up in the fact that I'm half-Latina or whatever, that's their problem,” she said. "I was more concerned about playing her the way she needed to be played - with strength and integrity."

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How long was Terry married to that man and she didn't know he was gay...I saw him one time and I knew...and why is JlKing still trying to milk the DL phenomenon? Is his car note due?

By Blogger Valentino, at July 12, 2005  

I am tired of the Terry and Jonathan drama... boooooo to them both.

I am even more tired of the oprah dl guy... he is really trying to milk this terry macmillan thing.

And she is a dayum liar if she thinks that this controversy would do anything but help her sales... that is some bullshyt. I think SHE timed this shyt. And when she writes her next book, "why stella stabbed her gay husband in the eye after she wrote a book and movie about his azz and then he sued her for her money" (which is probably already written) she will again bring this controversy to the forefront...

By Blogger prodigalsun, at July 12, 2005  

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