July 12, 2005


Korean company Xenofreaks Inc, has added a whole new dimension to the way you interact with strangers. Their product PIX is a round LED display that forms patterns and moving animations. The device communicates with others by employing user ID and icon comparison between other PIX devices. It immediately activates if you meet other PIX users, and searches for icon matches on other peoples devices. Users can also communicate with each other allowing a wireless ID transmission and stored icon comparison. The device is ideal for breaking the ice in any social situations.infrared
French Telecom company Orange SA will soon roll out a new mobile service that allows cellular customers to view TV, movies,and Internet content on MicroOpticals' video eyewear. The "big screen effect" will be stunning, especially when combined with built-in stereo earpieces, according to Orange SA. MicroOptical's eyewear contains two Kopin's CyberDisplay screens .Users will be able to see around the screen, and view video or pictures as seen from 3ft away on a 12in screen. mobileglasses_1
Safety Girl Emergency Kit
Roadside Emergency Kit that contains serious roadside supplies like an emergency blanket, first aid supplies and instructions to change a flat tire, but also includes other “girl emergency” items like chocolate, nail file, and aromatherapy headache remedy? And it’s Pink too! Safety Girl has put together this great kit for the woman who has everything. Some of the items included are : Zox Breath Freshener (which is endorsed by the Breath Clinics of California), Space Brand Emergency Blanket (used worldwide in disaster relief and rescue missions), OxiClean Stain Remover, o.b. tampons, Bausch & Lomb’s Sight Saver eyeglass lens cleaning tissues, Ritter Sport Chocolate, and other great brands you know and trust. You can also accessorize with the Soft & cozy white/pink slippers,in a matching drawstring bag. Price: $39.95

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