July 01, 2005


THAT homemade sex tape, the one that stars Eve. The one from 1999 when she was 21. The one that lasted 30 seconds. We read about it last week and how she was horrified and how she's calling lawyers, etc., etc., and blaah blaah. Note to Eve: That sex video is floating around. And looking for a place to land for some money.
It got offered to a Star magazine writer. Not just those quickie 10 seconds that somehow somebody allowed to surprisingly surface, therein triggering the excitement. I'm talking the whole enchilada. The whole complete total deal, start to finish, orifice to orifice.
This supermarket tabloid has a process for said situations. It goes through lawyers. No lone individual handles these hotshot type deals. However, in what seems a break with the way things are done over there, this person offered 25 grand. Cash. First they wanted the seller to come to their home. Then they wanted him to meet an assistant. Then there were dozens of phone calls back and forth. Then they said they'd meet the seller at some hidden-away cockamamie diner and hand over the cash in a bag. Then they wanted the seller to meet yet another dude with a Jersey cell number to make yet another deal.
The seller did not like the way things were going down, got freaked, and he and his tape have freshly burrowed

After months of hearing about the numerous celebrity sexploits of former music video pro Karrine Steffans, her autobiography detailing the encounters will finally hit bookshelves next week.
In HarperCollins’ "Confessions of a Video Vixen," Steffans describes in lurid detail her sexcapades with a number of famous entertainers, including Shaquille O’Neal, Vin Diesel and even your boy, Bobby Brown.
"I wasn't trying to hurt or embarrass anybody with my story," Steffans told Newsweek. "Because that's what it is—my story, not theirs. It describes what happened to me in graphic detail. I'm just putting it out there as plain as I can. But it's only about 40 percent of everything that happened."
Here are a few excerpts from “Confessions of a Video Vixen," courtesy of the New York Daily News:
• Shaquille O'Neal "was charmingly self-effacing about his sexual prowess and wanted to reduce my expectations," she writes. But "compared to other men," she assures readers, "he was nothing to complain about." She also claims that Shaq deposited $10,000 into her bank account the day after they met as a means to keep her on standby.
• Vin Diesel was "a beautiful man ... blessed with an enviable eight-pack and an even more enviable [bleep]."
• Sex with "insatiable" producer Irv Gotti "became more like a boxing match." Steffans also claims Gotti offered her up to his friends.
• After inviting her to his home at 4 a.m., Sean “P. Diddy” Combs kicked his umbrella man Fonzworth Bentley out of a guest bedroom so he and Steffans could handle some business. "You're one of the best," she says P. Diddy told her. Steffans writes: "I said the same to him, when, in actuality, he was average."
• She let Bobby Brown hit it in 2002. Steffans says she never saw him do drugs, but thought he was mentally touched based on an encounter where "he told me he was a member of Al Qaeda and that President Bush was looking for him."
• After Ja Rule broke out one morning before she woke up from their night of passion, "I looked around for something to take with me, something that would smell like him but wouldn't be missed,” she said. “On the floor I found a balled-up sock, and I placed it to my face and got the fix I was searching for."
Halle Berry has reportedly cast Alicia Keys in her new film project “Composition of Black and White,” based on Kathryn Talalay’s biography about interracial pioneer Philippa Schuyler.
"I adore Alicia and there's nobody more perfect for it than her," Berry said about Keys’ involvement.
Berry will serve as producer of the film about Schuyler, the daughter of renowned and controversial black journalist George Schuyler and Josephine Cogdell, a blond, blue-eyed Texas heiress and granddaughter of slave owners. Believing that interracial children would invigorate both races, they had Philippa in hopes of solving America’s race problems.
Dubbed the “Little Harlem Genius,” the young girl excelled in the arts and graced the covers of “Time” and “Look” magazines, but America’s racial and gender prejudices forced her sudden departure to Europe. By age 35, she was beginning to embark on a racial catharsis, but in 1967, her life was cut short in a helicopter crash over war-torn Vietnam during an unauthorized mission of mercy.
Mo’Nique’s fiancé Sidney Hicks, also the father of her pending twins, was spotted at the BET Awards on Tuesday. The 37-year-old comedian told TV’s “The Insider” that she’s four months pregnant and does not yet know the sex of either child – but has a feeling that one is a girl. As previously reported, she has pulled out of the upcoming Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on doctor’s orders.
T.I. got himself a leading role in the new Warner Bros. film set in an Atlanta hip-hip roller-skating rink. The untitled musical comedy, formerly known as “Jellybeans,” will be directed by music video helmer Chris Robinson. T.I. will play Rashad, the head of a roller-skating team, while newcomer Lauren London has been cast as New-New, an employee at the rink who is in love with him. The script, written by Tina Chism & Antwone Fisher, Gina Prince-Bythewood and Joe Robert Cole, is based on material by music producer Dallas Austin and T-Boz of TLC.
Justin Timberlake’s film “Alpha Dog,” based on the story of alleged murderer Jesse James Hollywood, may be delayed until after the real Hollywood’s trial in Santa Barbara. James Blatt, a lawyer representing the defendant, told the judge Wednesday that the Nick Cassavetes film could prejudice his client’s trial, according to the “Hollywood Reporter.” Justin plays one of alleged killer’s sidekicks in a gang that kidnapped and tortured California youths. The judge is due to give a verdict on Blatt's request next week.
Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba and Nona Gaye star in the Sony/Rainforest/Screen Gem film, “The Gospel.” The story follows a young singer who turns his back on God and his father’s church when tragedy strikes. He returns years later to find the once powerful congregation in disarray. With his childhood nemesis creating a “new vision” for the church, he is forced to deal with family turmoil, career suicide, and relationship issues that send him on a collision course with redemption or destruction. The film also stars Clifton Powell, Aloma Wright, Donnie McClurkin, Omar Gooding, Tamyra Gray, Hezekiah Walker, Keisha Knight Pulliam and Delores “Mom’ Winans. Music is provided by Kirk Franklin, while featured performers include Yolanda Adams, Martha Munizzi and Fred Hammond.

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Celebs who fukk on camera are stupid. Plain and simple... once you strip nekkid in front of a camera and do anything naughty... rest assured that it will surface and be aired for the world to see. R Kelly, Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson, Paris... if you do it... we will watch it.

Eve is a Dumb azz.

Anyway... the video ho's book is going to be hot. Cant wait to read it.

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