July 28, 2005


Ever since Jennifer Garner's belly started to swell, Alias fans have wondered if their favorite butt-kicking spy would be pregnant on the show as well.Yesterday, ABC's programming chief, Stephen McPherson, confirmed that Garner's pregnancy will be worked into the storyline. "We are going to embrace the fact that she's pregnant," he confirmed. The father of Syd's baby is fellow agent Michael Vaughn, who is played by Garner's real-life ex, Michael Vartan. (Now that's HollyHood baby!) In real life, Garner is expecting her first child with Ben Affleck around Christmas. The couple, who met while filming the 2003 film Daredevil, was married in June. Alias returns for a fifth season on September 29.
Us Weekly reports that Brad and Angelina are officially cohabitating.
American Idol's Carrie Underwood and Coldplay's Chris Martin have been voted the "World's Sexiest Vegetarians" in an online poll conducted by PETA. Happy happy soy soy.
A lovesick Kenyan official offered Bill and Hillary Clinton a dowry of 20 cows and 40 goats for their daughter Chelsea's hand in marriage. "I love her," Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor told CNN yesterday. "I've not met her personally, but I've seen her through the media." Is he serious?I know I'm worth at least 50 goats.
DAYTIME TO DVD: Oprah Winfrey releasing a 20th anniversary DVD in November featuring highlights from two decades of The Oprah Winfrey Show, per the Hollywood Reporter.
CHART ATTACK: Now That's What I Call Music! 19 topping the charts with 436,000 copies sold, per Nielsen SoundScan data.
HE NOT ONLY SPITS LYRICS: The Daily Star reports that former G-Unit member The Game spat on a audience member at his Manchester Apollo gig after the person mentioned 50 Cent. An onlooker revealed, "A kid next to me shouts 'Big up 50'. The Game turned on his heels and screamed, 'Who said that?' When he discovered the culprit in the front row he strode over and spat in his face."
"BUFFALOS DON'T HAVE WINGS BUT LA DOES HAVE JAILS" : A public relations assistant pretending to be Jessica Simpson's assistant was arrested for allegedly bilking companies out of merchandise by pretending it was going to be delivered to Simpson. Courtney Handel of New Jersey allegedly set up an email in the name of Simpson's real assistant and solicited gifts.
FREEZE,YOU'RE UNDER A BREAST:A photographer accused of trying to blackmail Cameron Diaz was convicted of forgery, attempted grand theft and perjury on Tuesday. John Rutter was found guilty of trying to sell topless pictures he took of Cameron when she was an unknown 19-year-old model. He faces a maximum of more than five years in prison. In a statement released by her publicist, the Charlie's Angels star said, "Although I wish that this unfortunate situation hadn't occurred in the first place, I am very gratified that justice has been served."

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