July 28, 2005


So you hid your body all summer long because your ass was too lazy to hit the gym in the fall and winter?Well summer's not over yet and for those of you that would love to look great for at least the end of summer I have some dieting tips for you.
Being the social heavy socialite that I am,I meet lots of models and celebs that I boldly ask for workout and diet tips all the time.Yes I'm beautiful but sometimes I could stand to burn up a pound or two(ladies don't we always?).
I say all you people that have 15-20 lbs that you'd love to drop by that fab Labor Day Party,let mama guide you.
Now some of these tips are a bit unorthodox and you should definitely consult you doctor before trying anything I say(I'm not a trainer but I have been using them since I was 17).These are tips for people that are looking to drop a few pounds in short amount of time.it's been done by many a celeb for video shoots,premieres,photos,and red carpets and your big ass could do it too : )
I will be your guide for 2 weeks keeping you motivated and giving you celebrity diet and exercise tips every other day.Today I'll start with my favorite quick weight loss diet tips and tomorrow we'll discuss exercise and then every other day for 2 weeks I'll be on your asses.
The popular fad diet by the late Dr. Atkins which started the whole low carb revolution was popular for a reason...it worked! It's possible to lose at least 11 lbs in 2 weeks when this diet is done right.
The diet is very simple and inexpensive(what do you care?you didn't spend your money on an expensive health club so get crackin!)
The diet works by consuming as much healthy proteins as you can and as little (bad) carbs as you can.A 145lb person should consume 75 grams of protein a day on this diet,so figure your consumption accordingly.You must read the back of the packages to figure out how much carb and protein something has.
Things you can eat:
Lean meats(Turkey,beef,white meat chicken) Grill,steam,broil, get creative so you don't get bored.
Fish(all varieties)
salads(hold that creamy dressing)
low carb protein bars(some have 40 grams of protein per serving!)
low carb protein shakes
egg whites
diet soda
green tea
Things to avoid:
regular soft drinks
wheat products
fried foods
dessert snacks
starches(rice,pasta,potato things)
It seems easy but this can be a really hard diet but the good news is it's only for two weeks.If you must have bread,eat 1 slice if you must have anything from the no no list eat just a piece of it.
I also take a fiber supplement like Metamucil(a tablespoon in the morning,and one in the evening)
Drink lots of water at least 8 glasses
NO COFFEE, because you'll be having sugar and milk with it!

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