July 29, 2005


Yesterday I challenged the lazy people that read HollyHood to get in some kind of shape for all the great Labor Day events.Yesterday I gave you the Atkins Diet which has been a fave of mine(and celebs) to lose some weight quickly for an event.Today we'll discuss exercise.I know,you're like "I hate exercise,why can't I just do the diet?"Well,unless you want to have saggy skin you're gonna have to keep it tight and working out is the key.Today I'll give you my 2 week at home shape up(when I don't want to be bothered by some trainer yelling "I can do it")
Every other day I will post tips from celebs,trainers,models,and others who are event dieters such as oursleves so keep checking back and start this challenge a.s.a.p.!!
Cardio- is important because it promotes excellent cardio vascular health and it burns body fat effectively.You have to do something that gets your heart pumping at higher rate for at least 45 minutes to an hour daily during the course of the diet.Biking,skating,jump rope,power walking,running,jogging,dancing,if you can do a half hour of jumping jacks or buy/rent/borrow an aerobics tape,I prefer Tae-Bo.Start off slow the first 3 days and then keep adding on 15 minutes until you can do either do two 45 minute sessions a day(one day,one night) or at least an hour a day.
After your 45 minute cardio,get down and do as many crunches as you possibly can,I'm serious.Do 10 more than the last one you can do!Me and Ashanti have the same trainer and he always makes us do 10 more than the last one we think we can do.Do the same with push ups,watch your form and don't be a bitch ass and do them lazy because I'm just tryna make sure you're a head turner at that picnic,party,pride,whateva.
Next you can go over to a chair in your house and do the following exercises:
Dips-with your body facing away from the seat of the chair(like it would be if you were sitting)put your hands on the side of the chair and using your body weight lower yourself as close to ground without touching it as possible and come back up slowly,do at least 2 sets of 15 and every 3 days add on a couple more.
Squats-to tone up them thighs and booties we are gonna face the chair again(as if we were about to sit) and slowly sit down on the seat of the chair for 2 seconds and stand up slowly while contracting your glutes(squezzing your ass muscles) and then repeat,do this for 2 sets of 15 and add on a few more reps every 3 days.(This exercise can be done with weights if you have)
Arms-if you don't have access to some dumbells(not Jessica Simpson,weights) you can use two 1 gallon watter bottles and do as many curls(plus 10) as you can.
This regimine is not as hasrd as it reads and after Day 6 it actually starts to feel good as the effects of the diet and exercise start to show.Also,you can weigh yourself 1x the first day and then again on Day 7 and then not again until the last day(Day 14).It's not weight you wanna lose..it's inches!

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