July 18, 2005


Author Terry McMillan may have married a man that she found out is gayer than a pair of green contacts sitting on the nightstand of a man with a Gucci Thong on dancing to Donna summer for his boyfriend who's carrying a Louis Vuitton clutch on their way to an Oscar Party in the village and then afterwards to their favorite bar to do drag as Lil Kim while sipping on a virgin Shirley Temple with a pink umbrella in it*deep breath*
5-He will make sure that you are always looking fab.
4-Your only arguement will be over who was a better model Tyra or Naomi
3-He understands the purpose of all day shoe shopping(because he's coming with you to pick him up some)
2-You'll always have someone to look at America's Next Top Model with and call the girls bitches or ugly
1-He'll never be lonely when you go out on dates because he'll have his own
Terry is in good company ,many women have been there and done that and still doing it(either knowing it or not).Here's my tribute to some of these questionable marriages:
McMillan and Plummer
Vivica and Sixx Nine
Writers Guild of America
Michael and Lisa-Marie
lisa and michael
Star and Al
star and al
Liza and David
liza and david
Scary Spice and Husband
scary spice and husband

3 comment(s):

I am mad at your paragraph long gayer than... LOLOLOL... you stooooopid.

Did you see the Big Gay Al post on Crunk and disorderly page? He has LOC EXTENSIONS... lol thats a wrap.

(is it me or does anyone else think that Star Jones looks like a man in drag anyway?)

By Blogger prodigalsun, at July 18, 2005  

LMAO, this is one great post. I want one too.

By Blogger Fresh, at July 23, 2005  

i dont understand how terry is mad at her husband when he set my "gaydar" off from miles back...

women, please get freakin clue.

By Blogger K, at July 26, 2005  

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