July 21, 2005


Here's another edition of "Model Citizen" where I talk about my favorite model of the week.This week's model I have never met but would love to.She seems like such a good time.Her name is Tocarra and you probably remember Tocarra from America's Next Top Model,or her Ashley Stewart campaign.Well she can now be seen shedding those extra pounds on Celebrity Fit Club in all her sassiness.
Tocarra is not your average model,she's curvy,elegant,fresh and just gives off this glow from within.To find out a lil more about this beauty check out this transcript from an online interview.I don't know much about her history,but her future is looking fabulous.
Age: 23 years old
Height 5'9"
Weight:1?? lbs.
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio


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Why was I going to do a piece on the fierceness named Tocorra. I LOVE her attitude and she's blowing them away on Celebrity Fit Club. Now I worry that she's over compensating in attitude to mask the weight but who the hell cares, lol lol Love it and love the way she dresses and walks the cat walk on CFC. Personally I just think she needs a breast reduction

By Blogger Pammie, at July 21, 2005  

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