July 25, 2005


It's true.Even the most nice guy or girl wants to get really naughty sometimes.Who could blame them?Sex is fun,but it can get a little boring.I like to spice up my sex life with what some consider taboos(I'm sure the people that considers them taboo are the ones having that boring sex).Here's my tips for 4 things you can do to add some flava to the same ol' same hole.
# 1- Dirty Talk
Have you found yourself in the heat of passion, longing to say something sexy, only to lose your nerve? Have you ever been worried that you'd take it too far and embarrass yourself? You're not alone, and dirty talk doesn't have to be such a departure from your regular romantic routine or your personality. Instead, it can be a great way to let loose -- and make the moment even hotter."Talking dirty" or sexy talk is a form of teasing, an aphrodisiac for most men (and many women) and a vehicle for expressing your naughty side. It can include everything from sexual slang to simply using a sultry voice to ask your partner to allow you to do things. It's an attitude, along with a learned set of skills.
Learning to talk dirty is a skill. In order to be really good at it, try it out in front of your mirror alone at first. Then baby-step it into your sex playtime. If he winces or resists your doing it, you may have to find out why. If he responds by getting more aroused or playful with you, continue and add to what you are already doing.
Using sexy talk is an easy way to bring fantasy into your bedroom because it's a slight departure from the way you usually communicate with your partner. You can even take this one step future by incorporating role play.
#2- Strip or Exotic dance clubs
Men appreciate visual stimulation, while women tend to respond more to feelings (expressed through words or sensual touch). Therefore, taboos that engage the visual senses are the most popular for men. For women the opposite may be true. Think of romance novels or erotica on tape , which both have an emphasis on caressing or massage (sensations).This is a great way to bring the elements of escape and relaxation into your busy life. And if either you or your partner have suffered from a low libido lately, the fresh energy from a professional performance can be a great way to plug back into the erotic socket.This may surprise you, but you may be able to free yourself by seeing other women perform erotically. Think of it as training. When you watch another woman seduce a man, you may feel less inhibited about your own body and sexuality, and increase your level of sexual self-confidence. (Not to mention learning how to take it off, in a way that produces the right result.) This can be an inspiring way to get new ideas for teasing and pleasing your guy when you get back to your bedroom.You might see exotic dancers or strippers as competition. But if you allow yourself to feel jealous, rather than appreciating the gift of having another woman tease your lover in a fantasy setting, then you lose. Then there is the matter of comparing your body to the dancers or strippers. But if you're feeling inadequate, just keep one thing in mind. Just like athletes, these women work out with the attitude that their bodies are the tools of the trade. If you were to spend five hours daily in the gym, you might feel not only like comparing but also competing on the dance floor!
#3- Adult Toys
"Will my lover think that he's not enough for me?" "What will my friends think of me if they find out that I bought those kinds of things?" If you've ever let worries like these stand in the way of enjoying adult toys, it's time to start singing a new tune -- and time to go shopping!Sex toys are a boon to a sexual relationship, even when it's a solo act. Yes, masturbation is much better with toys. They can help you achieve great pleasure by providing continuous stimulation, at the right speed, intensity and placement; they can assist in helping with control of orgasm, erection and ejaculation; and using toys opens up the opportunity for discussion about sexual technique and pleasure.
#4- Pornos
What is it with men and pornography? It's an age-old question, but one that doesn't seem to be going away. But what if you found out that what you thought was a nasty and embarrassing habit could actually be something that you learn to enjoy together? What if it could give you new ideas and make your sex life even hotter? You may be in for a surprise.Variety, new ideas, new positions, ways of relating, seeing sexy people -- can all help an existing sexual relationship. Pornography is the mass market's sex education. Pornography can show you how to do new things and give you the permission to try them out. It can also provide arousal cues. For some women, seeing things such as two women making love may spark sexual arousal despite the fact that they would never engage in the act themselves. Or, a couple may want to role-play some of the scenes they like from a video, try a new toy they saw demonstrated or imagine themselves as actors on a set -- all of which adds fuel to the fire. Think of pornography as a way to add to your own eroticism, and it can become a wonderful part of your bedroom escape.Just as with anything else, moderation is key. If find that you or your partner are overindulging in pornography, stop for a while. Then ease back into it on a moderate basis. Another pornography no-no is allowing your partner to compare you to the women on the screen (or vice versa) in an uncomfortable way. If this happens, turn off the video immediately (or stop watching them for a while). That's your signal that this has left the realm of fantasy and is now interfering in your real time and space.
Sex is in the eye of the beholders.What may be freaky and exciting to one person,just may be absolutely a no-no to another.But to the few that are looking to spice up what may be a bland sexual encounter,these tips can be really helpful.

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