August 12, 2005


Some of you might have viewed my fashion week and got inspired to do a career change.You looked at some of those guys and girls on that catwalk and thought "I can do that too",well here's my top 10 reasons why keeping your day job may prove to be smarter.
1-You eat your meals and keep them down.
2-People say your best feature is your knees.
3-You really believe beauty is skin deep.
4-If your waist size was your age, you should be approaching retirement in a few short years.
5-If you look up to Lil Kim...literally.
6-If you only have 6 teeth
7- and they're yellow
8-If you went to an audition for America's Next Top Model and got a camera man.
9-If you refuse to shave your moustache...and you're a woman
10-If your 36C breasts are real...and you're a man.

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LOL thosee top 10 reason is a trip. well i think i can model then. I have 7 teeth so there

By Blogger Stone, at August 12, 2005  

and yellow? LOLOLOLOLOL

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 12, 2005  

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