August 16, 2005


So you think that your sex is completely A-game huh? Sure we all do,but how could you know for sure.Well I've came up with 10 ways to help you figure out if your sex is what wet dreams are made of or should you get to know that left hand a little better.Here's 10 ways to know you can't fuck.
1-If you call your bootie call over and he/she brings Scrabble.
2-If your girlfriend claims it's her time of the month twice a week.
3-If after sex you ask your partner if they came and they say..."today?"
4-If while you were pounding your heart out,you failed to notice that your partner went to get a drink of water.
5-If you thought a clitoris was a dinosaur.
6-If your partner ever asked could their ex show you something.
7-If your condoms always seem to expire..
8-If you're rich and still can't get none
9-If your partner always wants to have 3somes and then closes the bedroom door in your face.
10-If you ask your partner is in? and
he or she replies"does it matter?"

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