August 11, 2005


So you're in denial about needing a change of style?Well sometimes we all need a little help in figuring out when it's time to usher in a new look.Having a current look can make you feel and look younger.Or you can do it so I don't have to talk about you behind your back...and I really hate doing that but I will.
Of course you have the people like myself that change looks so often that sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and think some gorgeous woman has broken into my home.
I've came up with 10 ways to tell that you might need an update:
1-You get dressed up and take some pics and when you show friends they think it's pictures of your father back in the day.
2-You've been mistaken for homeless more than two times.
3-Elton John told you that your clothes look crazy.
4-If you've ever recieved this phone call:Hi this is 1983,I think I left some shit at your apartment.
5-You walk into a department store and order the usual.
6-Paris Hilton says"damn your skirt is short"
7-You're over 30 with "baby hair"
8-You find a New Kids On the Block concert ticket in your back pocket.
9-You already have on a New Kids on the Block t-shirt
10-You and Mariah Carey are wearing the same outfit.

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I chuckled quite a bit at this post especially "I wake up and look in the mirror and think some gorgeous woman has broken into my home." I think you're being a tad generous with number seven...30? but i love it

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 11, 2005  

Heh! That's too funny.

By Blogger E, at August 12, 2005  

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