August 19, 2005



Being the innovative,creatively fab, diva that I am,I decided to create a game for the blog world.It's based on one of my favorite shows:
The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race is a show that takes people on a race around the world through clues and missions and the winning team gets a million dollars.

My game,The Amazing Blog Race is similar except...there is no prizes yet(this is an early version of the game) and you don't go around the world, you go around the blog world.Fun?Let's see.
You'll need a good memory or a pen and paper or just open a new window and to follow my directions to a tee. It's not easy at all.I suggest you do it when you have a few minutes to spare.

let's play...
Head to Day 3 of fashion week and find a post of who is the highest paid Latina actress/singer in the world and look for your next clue in the comments of that post

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