August 03, 2005


I can't always be gossip and sexy pics,HollyHood Blogazine is an extension of myslef and I am scandalicious,gossip,sex,and I'm also culture.So I plan on sharing some art of some of my faves,from classic to modern,famous to obscure.I brought you photographer David LaChapelle last month and today I bring you:
KEHINDE WILEY- although I love taking pride in being a trend setter,I was not the first to bring Kehinde to the blog world.Rod of Rod 2.0:BETA wrote a post about the grand Kehinde back in June. His in your face addition of hip hop flash to classic art is absolutely ART in itself.
Kehind Wiley born in 1977 in Los Angeles, CA, draws from Renaissance and French rococo painting, depicting young black men in iconic poses that reference religious and historical figures. The artist states, "I'm fascinated with the ways powerful white men have been depicted in the history of Western easel painting. It is a craft that has evolved into a vocabulary of signs that tells one that the subject is important. The absence of young, black, urban men in painting says something about our society. Wiley continues, "Painting is about the world that we live in. Black men live in the world. My choice to include them is my way of saying yes to us." Wiley's models are young men he meets on the street, both in Harlem and in Los Angeles. They are asked to assume poses from Titian and Tiepolo paintings while dressed in their street clothes.If not for the bold and creative idea alone,his art is definitely something to be seen.

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