August 18, 2005



Journalist:Is it the size of the wand or the magic in the wand?
Janet Jackson:Can't I have a BIG MAGIC WAND?

It's the age old question I'm addressing today.Everyone and their mama literally have had this topic come up and that's what that pic represents. Does Size Matter? The answer could not be more simple...YES.
I lied it's not that simple,it really depends on the woman.Not all women are looking for that long,hard,thick,throbbing,2 hands to hold,heavy,fat, piece of...wait yall gotta give me minute........................................................................................
Okay,I'm back...not all women need that.You really have to know the kind of woman that you are dealing with,test the waters because 9 times out of 10 she's not just gonna up and tell you she's a "size queen".
The object of sex is to make an intimate connection with your partner until both of you cum,period.
If you happen to be one of those well endowed men,good but can you work it?Having a big dick doesn't just give you the "multiple orgasm pass",it just gives you more opportunities to fuck,so you guys pay attention too.

If you feel that you are leaving your woman unsatisfied due to your lack of inches,it's not over for got options.Learn the art of oral,what you couldn't do with your dick,might just be achieved with your tongue.You could also do the old fashioned fingering(remember that from high school..and for some junior high?)Not that rough and crazy fingering that feels more like a GYN visit.You might have the type of woman that might enjoy something like a vibrator or dildo,don't let this crush your ego fellas,use it as an enhancement not substitute.

There are many sex positions which fit different sizes better than gotta be and discover.Ask her where her spots are,let her guide you's sex not the could ask for the answers.

Some women get off of affection and cuddling and all that soft and pink treatment,it's all about knowing who you're fucking with.
So in conclusion,it's not the size that matters it's the research that does.Trial and error,basicly just seeing what works and what doesn't.Communication is also key,asking your partner what they want and giving them that and more is the answer to all.

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I get off on deep penetration, so I am more into length than thickness. 7-8 inches is ideal for me, but I can work with 6 inches with a pillow propped under 5 inches or less, don't even bother! 10 inches or more, get the hell out of here!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 19, 2005  

i am a size queen, i won't lie. you can teach a guy some tricks, but you can't teach him to grow some length... it's gotta be big... (but not like, too big--whattaya tryina do? impale me?) nine inches max.

By Blogger The Marlo Girl, at August 23, 2005  

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