August 11, 2005


Fashion is very important to me.I feel putting together the right look is an art.How else can just a pair of pants,a shirt, and shoes help tell a person who you are?
I chose a few moments in Hollywood history where fashion helped make the moment.There are of course 1,000's of moments I could have chosen,and probably some really great ones are missing,so if you have some favorite ones that I did not put feel free to let me know.

I thought Jennifer Lopez looked fabulous when she stepped onto the red carpet wearing that Versace gown.It was bold and she had the star power to pull it off.
Call it tacky,call it slutty,but this little ensemble got Lil Kim the "exposure" to make her a household name.
lil kim
When I was 13 years old I fell in love with the classic movies and all the gorgeous couture of the era.I thought the women(especially Marilyn Monroe) were beautiful and the clothing helped to make a movie moment magical.The scene that this picture was derived from was definitely one of those movie magic moments.
The moment I saw this gown I knew Halle had Oscar in the bag.It was the perfect mixture of glam,sex,and seductiveness.Even if she didn't win,that was a winning dress.
The year was 1984(although I did not see it till the early 90's during some kind of special)when a young Madonna came out from atop of a huge wedding cake to perform like a virgin at The MTV Video Awards.She wowed the audience with her in your face sex appeal,sexy garter, and boobs that looked ready to pop out at any minute.
Sweetie,the "kids" I know will feel me on this,was Julie Newmar not wearing that Cat Suit???That tiny waist and hour glass figure wrapped tightly in that glittery costume was perfection,I wnated to be her looking at those re-runs..quiet as kept still do.
julie newmar
During one of me and my mother's classic movie nights,the movie du'jour was Carmen Jones and at 13 I started wearing a flower in my hair to school which of course all the kids followed.Dorothy Dandridge was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen and I cried when my mother told me she might have killed herself.
carmen jones
Finding moments for this list were not easy but I had to put Michael Jackson on it,I used to love him.But which moment?Bad?No.Thriller?No.Beat it?No? Scream?No. The answer had to be signature Michael,the first time he wore his glittery glove,matching socks and black fedora had to be a classic moment in fashion history.

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