August 17, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 8/17

50 CENT stands accused of stiffing the hundreds of dancers who jiggled their moneymakers in his video for "Outta Control," featuring Mobb Deep. One disgruntled dancer, who appears as an extra in the video shot at Avalon nightclub on June 27, tells us she has yet to receive the $100 check promised to her. "All the dancers are always running into each other at auditions," she said, "and we're always asking each other, 'Did you get paid yet?' If this was a group starting out, that'd be one thing, but you don't expect this with 50 Cent." The rapper's rep did not return calls.
Just days after talk show host Tyra Banks got into it with industry “pro”-turned-author Karrine Steffans over her tell-all book, “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” another TV host has stepped forward to question Steffans’ motives behind exposing her numerous celebrity sexcapades.
While Canadian-born model and BET host Melyssa Ford, like Steffans, has benefited from starring in hip hop and R&B videos, Ford says Steffans’ dirt-dishing road to recognition – outlined in her book – is where the buck needs to stop.
“Her motivation for doing videos was for a stepping stone to become bigger in the entertainment industry [and] to be promiscuous,” Ford told “The fact that her story is being sensationalized right now sends a real bad message to little girls.”
Ford says she was able to sidestep many of the situations and poor decisions Steffans described in her book.
“I try to project a good message to the young girls, that you can use videos as stepping-stone if you do it the right way,” Ford told the web site. “You just look at it as a job as a paycheck. You know don’t fraternize with the artist after hours or in the trailer. Don’t make passes at the directors or the producers. Do what you are asked to do, but respect yourself at the same time. Maintain that level of etiquette and respect and you will have longevity in this industry.”
As the era of Destiny’s Child continues to wind down toward a September demise, members Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are preparing for life beyond the group. According to recent reports, Beyonce’s future will definitely include children – if she can get past the whole giving birth part.
Beyonce and Michelle, who were in the delivery room to support Beyonce’s little sister Solange when she gave birth last October, said they were unsettled by the whole experience.
"We were all in the delivery room when Solange gave birth and we were so freaked out,” Michelle said, according to Female First. “I remember Beyoncé saying, 'I ain't having no baby!'"
But Knowles has since changed her mind.
"It's a strange thing - once the baby's born, you go from never wanting a child to wanting one of your own. I've never felt that amount of emotion before," she said.
Meanwhile, Kelly will embark on a mission to pack some pounds onto her rail-thin frame…in all the right places, of course. Her goal is to be as bootilicious as Beyonce.
"I eat to try and get hips like hers,” she said. “Today I had three grilled cheese sandwiches."
Beyonce countered: "There's nothing wrong with being what you are. I'll always have hips and thighs - you've got to learn to love yourself.”
Kanye is on a radio tour of Canada. He was being interviewed on Toronto's “only” Urban Radio Station Flow 93.5 FM, but he had some issues with their policies of editing his songs. The interview suddenly got political. Kanye insisted to the program director that they stop censoring his songs. For example Kanye said the station beeped out the term “White girl” on his "Gold Digger" song, yet allowed the word "a**" to be heard. As he talked, I heard he was continuously cut off and prevented from speaking fully, from what I was told. I heard that Flow’s DJ Hollywood Rich found that quite funny. But, Kanye didn’t. He tossed his headset and rolled. For my Canadians, nobody knows if Kanye will make a scheduled autograph signing. Incidentally, I have been hearing that Kanyeezie has been having the same issues with other cable outlets in America that play his video. Why are people scared of a lil’ “White girl?”
Madonna got knocked off her high horse yesterday and wound up in the hospital with three cracked ribs, a busted collarbone and a broken hand.
The superstar was celebrating her 47th birthday by riding a new mount on the grounds of her country estate outside London when she took the nasty spill.
"She was clearly in agony and in floods of tears," one source told London's Daily Mirror.
Her husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, and her two children, 8-year-old Lourdes and 5-year-old Rocco, were on the grounds but not riding with her.The details of her tumble were unclear, but the owner of a London riding school where she took lessons said switching to an unfamiliar beast may have been a mistake.Madonna must be getting old,she used to be able to ride anything.
Citing exhaustion complicated by other medical issues, Eminem has canceled his European tour dates.The shows are not expected to be rescheduled, according to a statement released by his record label late Tuesday (August 16).Eminem was due to headline the European leg of the Anger Management 3 tour, which begins September 1 in Hamburg, Germany, and wraps up September 17 in Meath, Ireland.The rapper's spokesperson had no more information on Em's medical status or whether the tour would continue on with 50 Cent as headliner. 50 and G-Unit headlined some concerts this summer on off nights from Anger Management (see "50 Cent To Keep Rapping On Anger Management's Off Days").(Click for photos from the Anger Management Tour.)In an interview backstage at a recent tour stop, Eminem said he put a lot of effort into planning the tour (see "Eminem: 'I'm Not Retiring' "). "We spent a lot of money, we really anteed up the stakes this time," he said. "We know that people are coming to not just see us get onstage and rap, they're coming to see a show."It's been a bit of a rough ride, however, for the third installment of Anger Management. A tour bus crashed during the first week and seriously injured Eminem's DJ (see "Anger Management Tour Bus Crashes; Stat Quo, Eminem's DJ Among Those Injured"). And last week, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks were arrested for gun possession after a New York show (see "Young Buck, Lloyd Banks Arrested For Gun Possession").
Rapper Cassidy can face a trial on a third-degree murder charge, but not first-degree murder, for allegedly taking part in an ambush that left one person dead, a judge ruled Tuesday.
Authorities allege that Cassidy, whose real name is Barry Reese, was one of several men who riddled a van with gunfire as it headed down a side street behind the rapper's home in the West Oak Lane neighborhood on April 15. The van was fired upon at least 30 times by four different guns including assault rifles, authorities said.

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Heh. I liked this part:

"Madonna must be getting old,she used to be able to ride anything."

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