August 18, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 8/18

LORD Henry Mountcharles agrees with Mariah Carey, who finds Eminem "tasteless and mean-spirited" in the words of her manager. After the rapper canceled his European tour due to "exhaustion," according to his Web site, Mountcharles, who was expecting 80,000 Irish Eminem fans at his Slane Castle on Sept. 17 for a concert, fumed to Irelandonline: "In all the years that Slane has been running, we've never been confronted by a scenario like this. I don't think the Rolling Stones or U2 would cancel a section owing to nervous exhaustion . . . I'm not very happy about what has happened . . . I think he is a stunning artist but I don't think he'll get a slot in Slane again."
PARIS Hilton is now so famous that she can't go out in public without being mobbed by fans, so she's taken to wearing a disguise. Sources say the hotel heir-head had a professional makeup artist spend three hours the other day transforming her with a prosthetic nose and a red wig, until she was completely unrecognizable. Then she took her two brothers to Disneyland.
Gwen Stefani leads the nominations at MTV's Video Music Awards, but don't expect the Hollaback Girl to accept any moon men she might win in person.
A Miami-based spy tells us the Grammy winner is boycotting the Aug. 28 extravaganza because MTV refused to let her perform at the show.
Neither Stefani nor her husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale, is scheduled to appear at the star-studded, Diddy-hosted event. Stefani's mouthpiece from Interscope Records told us he had no comment on the situation.
Our insider says Gwen wasn't offered one of the performing spots - now occupied by Coldplay, Shakira, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, the Killers, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson and Green Day - but an MTV rep says things are still in flux.
"We love Gwen and we hope she will be able to join us, as we know her fans would love to see her on this big night - especially since she's heavily nominated," the network rep said.
A bidding war is about to erupt for Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins' solo album. The former TLCer was spotted at Mr. Chow's with Universal music mogul Steve Rifkind and Tone of Trackmasters, who were making their pitches.Now if there could just be a bidding match with her hair stylists to change the same style she's had since 95,I'd care about this piece of info.
The “American Idol” contestant who decided to leave the competition rather than be forced into the show’s mandatory management contract with “Idol” producers, has reportedly signed a lucrative record deal with Clive Davis’ J Records and is currently in the studio working on new tracks, reports
Had Vazquez stayed and won the competition, he would have landed on J Records anyway as part of the winner’s prize package, but the ironclad management contract with 19 Entertainment and Simon Fuller would’ve come along with it. is reporting that the record deal will be announced sometime after Labor Day.
According to Fox, Vazquez will be managed by the legendary Arnold Steifel, the man who steered Rod Stewart's career for over 30 years.
50 cent will sign anybody.My lil cousin found a contract in her Cheerios,she's the latest G-Unit member now.
Mase tells MTV News that he's looking to leave Bad Boy and head over to teh G-Unit crew. "When I came back to Bad Boy, they didn't want me to go where I wanted to go [with the music]," he said about the content of his comeback LP, last year's 'Welcome Back'. "They wanted me to do what was safe for them. I had to pretty much sabotage myself. Everybody knows who I am. I ain't going to be 50. I ain't gonna be Usher, but right in between." Read more, including Sean 'Diddy' Combs' reaction to the news, here.
Nude photos of Jude, which were taken days ago outside his mother's home in France as he changed into a swimsuit, hit the Internet yesterday and the feedback hasn't been kind. "He's no Tommy Lee, that's for sure," cracked one unimpressed viewer. When Page Six tried to get Jude's rep to discuss his client's "puny package" (they are sooo naughty!), the rep scoffed: "Oh, please! The guy is on vacation in France with his kids. People need to give him a little bit of a break." I'm sorry to see poor Jude having such a "hard" time lately.It's alright Jude I saw the Seinfeld episode on Shrinkage.(photo courtesy of

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ewwwww his dick is so small and nasty looking. HATED IT!

By Blogger Fresh, at August 18, 2005  

TIONNE needs a MAKEOVER so badly!

Girl, you got that one right.

By Blogger SMW, at August 18, 2005  

Don't want no itsy bitsy, can't use no teenie weenie.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 19, 2005  

Jude Law is a great actor.
And what does it matter the size of his penis when it is flaccid anyway? What matters is its size when erect but his penis in it's natural state, looks pretty normal or average to me.

By Anonymous JBJsSexiestFan, at November 19, 2006  

wow! yo son he really got a baby dick! my 4 year old sons dick is bigger then his!!!! tru story! lmaoooooooooooooo


By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 28, 2007  

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