August 22, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 8/22

PEOPLE magazine pulled out as a sponsor of a party Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were set to host in Miami after the MTV Video Music Awards because Jessica made exorbitant demands that would have cost the weekly hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The Simpson sisters were going to host and perform Aug. 28 at the Setai resort. But an insider said: "Her demands became outrageous. She wanted everyone to set up shop at 6 a.m. and be there for like 24 hours. She wanted $20,000 for hair and make-up, $80,000 for a technical production budget which her father, Joe, was overseeing, and over 30 rooms at the Setai."
Another issue, according to a publishing source, was the ill-advised $200,000 contract Jessica signed recently giving OK! magazine exclusive access to the star.
"Her hosting the party for People magazine was a direct violation of her contract with OK! If she had gone through with it, she would have been sued." People execs decided Thursday night to back out.
"We had an agreement with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson to co-host an event the night of the 'VMA' event," said a rep for People. "But because of logistics and technical problems, it didn't work out."
A Simpson rep said: "There were discussions with People about their 'VMA' after-party, but Jessica and Ashlee were unable to do the party with them because of other sponsors involved with the event that would create conflicts with Jessica's master licensing deal and Ashlee's contract with Thermasilk. Both girls are extremely conscious of their business deals and would do nothing to violate those relationships."
Meanwhile, Martha Stewart won't be making a previously scheduled appearance at the awards show this year due to her house-arrest extension.
TEEN Queen Hilary Duff is apartment hunting in Chelsea and may have already found her new pad. A spy reports the blond pixie - accompanied by a sizeable entourage - checked out a loft for rent on West 26th Street yesterday: "The super didn't recognize her and wouldn't let her group into the building. Once [Duff] got inside, she looked around the place for 25 minutes. Then she asked the super about shopping in the area and left with her broker." Duff looked dumbfounded when informed that Tim Allen and B.D. Wong, a regular on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," had lived there.
BROOKE Shields was a little put out when she was called for jury duty last week. Two days after celebrating her 40th birthday with Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Jim Belushi at the Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge, Shields reported to the L.A. County courthouse. When told she would not be excused from serving, Shields "looked really put out and annoyed," said our spy. As you know Brooke...there's pills for that now.
Jim Jones is out with the video to his new single 'Summer Wit Miami', featuring Trey Songz. Watch it online in high or low formats.
JOHN Legend is also out (finally) with his next single So High.Watch it here
On Thursday Olivia and the G-unit crew performed her current hit single Twist It on 106 & Park if you guys missed it go to to view the video in high quality here."
Rosie O'Donnell wrote on her blog Friday:
"kanye west last night on mtv
talking about ending homophobia in the rap world
jesus walks with that man"
Mos Def snuck off and got married!! He met his wife,Alana, at a club on a Friday and married her that next Wednesday.
And what do you do when your career's on ice?Marry someone hot...
Nelly and Ashanti got engaged!!

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