August 05, 2005


DON'T hold your breath waiting for the Paris Hilton-Paris Latsis wedding. During the couple's recent jaunt to Greece, the groom-to-be never even discussed marriage with his father, Grigoris Kasidokostas.
"If he hasn't discussed this with his own father, how serious could it be?" Kasidokostas asked The Post's Chris Erikson. "That should tell you the whole story."
Latsis — who's 22, not 27, as has sometimes been reported — "is much too young to even consider a subject like marriage," said Kasidokostas, the longtime mayor of the affluent seaside town of Vouliagmeni, outside Athens.
What's more, recent reports that Latsis plunked down $12 million for a Beverly Hills nest for the lovebirds and bought Hilton a $5 million ring are ridiculous, he said.
"All of it is lies," Kasidokostas declared.
He noted that his son doesn't have the cash, as the $7.5 billion Latsis family fortune is firmly in control of Latsis' mother, Mariana, and uncle, Spiro.
Also nonsense was a report that Kasidokostas told Hilton he wants grandchildren as soon as possible. "Every father wants grandchildren but only under the right circumstances," Latsis' dad said.
As for Kathy Hilton's recent announcement that the Hiltons would soon head to Greece to meet Latsis' clan, Kasidokostas said it came as news to him.
"That was the first I'd heard of it," he said. "I've never met her mother."
Hilton spokesman Rob Shuter insisted that Paris and Paris are serious about getting married, but he added, "They could be engaged for a while. They're not rushing down the aisle."
Kasidokostas, who speaks only rudimentary English, spoke through a translator, his longtime friend Marijo Gillis, a New Yorker who founded Welfare for Animals Global, Inc., a group that lobbies for animal rights in Greece.
The father denied his son is the jet-setting playboy depicted in the press: "He's a very, very good boy . . . a gentle, down-to-earth boy . . . not a playboy by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn't have a lot of experience with women."
Kasidokostas isn't dead set against his son's marrying Hilton — if that's what he wants a few years down the line. "I would have no problem with it," he said. "If Paris Hilton really loves my son, she'll have to be patient."

WHICH closeted leading man is smitten with a very hunky — but sadly straight — production assistant on the set of his new movie? The star keeps meeting the poor aide at the door of his trailer dressed only in a small towel and visibly aroused.

A blind item in The Mirror asks, "Which supposedly minted hip-hop star is actually as tight as they come? The man has ordered staff to choose "economical foodstuffs and moderately priced wines" instead of caviar and Cristal for his summer cruise. The serial blagger even insists none of his posse tips the boat's staff."

Billboard reports that Eminem's August 8th and 9th concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden will be taped for a special that will air in December on cable's Showtime network. Read more.

When Avril Lavigne turns 21 on September 27th, the singer will be partying in Los Angeles and later Las Vegas. "I'm going to have a big bash in Los Angeles," she said. "I'm not sure whether I'll do a show or just have a huge party. The weekend after, I'm going to take all my friends to Las Vegas because I'll be old enough to go in the casinos. It's going to be awesome!" Read more.

And in an interesting change of hands, Halle Berry just dropped $6 million for 19-year-old Frankie Muniz's Hollywood Hills home. No word on whether she'll buy his bunk bed and baseball card collection too.

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wow... how rich and high post does one have to be for paris hilton to not be good enough for your son?

That's gangsta.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 08, 2005  

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