August 03, 2005


Eva first got audiences whispering "who's that girl?" when she appeared in a small part alongside Denzel in the movie Training Day.She then went on to star in many films, from comedies such as All About the Benjamins to dramas like Out of Time.
The gorgeousness that is Eva can be compared back to old Hollywood legend Raquel Welch.If I was a lesbian I'd totally be all over that woman and cut any bitch that even wore the Revlon products that she campaigns for.It's more than her classic good looks that are so alluring,it's her homegirl attitude and her sexy mystique.It's her poses on the red carpet,her eyes, her body ,her style. The bitch is bad and definitely worthy of my Highly Fuckable columns.
eva mendez
eva 1

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She is gorgeous..has a body like damn...and she knows how to walk...OMG am I still gay?

By Blogger Valentino, at August 03, 2005  

No,the question i still straight?

By Blogger HOLIDAY N, at August 03, 2005  

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