August 18, 2005


Hip-Hop has long been called the right hand in setting women back 100 years.Be that as it may,sex sells and since men rule the world,we are going to have to face these provacative images in our videos,commercials,cereal boxes...wherever.Although they don't have that quiet seductive sex appeal of the women in the previous post,I personally think the women are very sexy in that skanky,trifling,stank kind of way.Hate em' love em' whatever, but you can't deny them..their worked out bodies and most times attractive faces have just been stepping stones to bigger careers.Look at former Playmate Pamela Anderson and the ever popular Karrine Steffans.
ESTHER-can best be remembered from Petey Pablo's Freek-a-Leek (view video here)
esther freak a leak
gloria velez
MELYSSA FORD-now the host of BET's style is the hottie with the body(not face) that can be seen in videos such as Usher's Yeah and Mystika's Shake it Fast.
melyssa ford
SARA PICKETT-Can be seen in Sean Paul's I'm Still In Love
Ki-Toy Johnson-and her big sculpted ass can be seen in I Like the Way You Move by Big Boi
ki toy
Buffie"The Body"Caruth-Miss ass herself brings at least 300 new visitors to my site a day to take a peek at the Meet Buffie Post I did last month.(view post here). She can be seen in Tony YaYo's So Seductive video.

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ha ha...Melyssa Ford crooked tooth makes me smile

By Blogger Fresh, at August 18, 2005  

Why does everybody hate on video girls? Why did you feel the need to justify this post? I love and em and I offer no apology!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 11, 2008  

I was actually browsing through Gloria Velez pics to see what people on Mediatakeout were talking about and came to this. I gotta respond...I can't speak for everyone but the reason why I can't respect video girls for the most part is because there's always a side story to how they ended up being "video vixens", look at Karrine Steffans. She isn't lying when she says that's what happens. I just think it kinda sucks because a lot of much younger girls I am around are seeing these chics looking like this on videos and are thinking that's how they need to look. I always hear 16 year olds bragging about how big their butts and breast are. I was never like that when I was 15 and 16 and videos actually had women who didn't have to wear almost nothing and give butt shots to be considered sexy.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 13, 2008  

Hiphop Honeys are my type of angels.I am just thinking if I read this because I love Hiphop or because that I love looking at beautiful HipHop gears. Nice to see that sweet ladies are also into my kind of music.

By Blogger executive gifts, at March 06, 2012  

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