August 31, 2005


Hey all you beautiful people,pretty people,cute people,alright people and those toe fungus's me your editor and chief/founder of this thing called HollyHood Blogazine.
This is titled Holiday's Greetings because I go by the name Holiday N. and this is my greeting...duh! This is my equivalent to like Jay Leno's Monologue.

I would like to urge anybody that is able to do so,to donate what you can to all those poor people who aren't fortunate right now to be reading blogs and living a normal day due to Hurricane Katrina.Red Cross is the main organization at the moment accepting donations.
I knew from the name of the Hurricane that it was gonna be a disaster.Katrina sounds like that ghetto chick that comes around just to fuck up your good time,sloppy drunk pissing on herself while cussing everybody out and ready to fight anybody that tries to stop her ass.Didn't she bring her ass to the VMA's and then where'd she fuck up Mardi Gras town..Fuck you Katrina.

I had on my platinum and blue diamond Jesus on the Cross necklace on my way back from Miami the other day and this guy staring blatantly at my thighs and breast like it was a combo meal at POPEYE's comes over and says to me boldly while licking his lips "I'm glad you know that your body is like a Temple" I said back to him "Yeah and there's no services today".

Thanks ladies and Gentleman for visiting my little blogazine again..remember to link me and tell all your friends to check me out...

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