August 24, 2005


If you could create your own fabulous version of the happy meal, what would it contain?
Don't limit yourself to fast food, and don't forget to include a toy!


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Mini-McRib, apple slices & a caramel cup.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 24, 2005  

my toy would be a card that adds more minutes to my prepaid cellphone plan so that my parents wouldnt be mad at me when i ran my mouth too much.

my vegetarian happy meal would consist of a choice between a mini boca burger or vegetarian chicken sandwich, a choice between a mini vegan cheesecake or apple pie and any choice drink.

ok, i wish they had that now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 24, 2005  

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By Blogger Holiday N, at August 24, 2005  

Cran-tini,your choice of fashion magazine,and chocolate covered strawberries
the toy would be your choice of Kiehl's facial wash,Prada Lip Balm,or Crest White Strips

By Blogger HOLIDAY N, at August 24, 2005  

A mini bottle of Moet, Magnolia Bakery cupcake, pineapple slices. The toy: a mini ipod...It would come in a Paul Smith bag.

By Blogger Valentino, at August 24, 2005  

1) a Two week vacation on some island in a five star hotel, all expenses paid

2) A letter from my Baby Daddy sayin he wanted to take the kids for a MONTH

3) A letter from a publisher saying she wanted me to write a column for her magazine

for the toy, hmm... a housekeeper

Damn, I'd be so HAPPY if I got those in a BOX!

By Blogger SMW, at August 25, 2005  

My Happy Meal...

1) A $100 gift card to Best Buy

2) A can of the finest caviar

3) A bottle of Propel Peach water

4) A packet of Brie crackers

5) A free weekend pass to an infamous spa.

By Blogger E, at August 25, 2005  

Hmm? Let's see...

1. One 18oz Porterhouse Steak...well-done...sauteed in habenero sauce and onions. Can't forget the Heinz 57.

2. Potatoes au gratin with a dash of red and lemon pepper and steamed broccoli with mozzarella.

3. 64 oz of Apple Martini with Bacardi Raz shots every 2 minutes.

4. Lifetime Skybox tickets to the Oakland Raiders, signed Art Shell, Marcus Allen, and Rod Woodson jerseys, and an endless supply of gummi bears. Gotta luv the gummi bears.

By Anonymous The Watcher, at August 26, 2005  

The McSexy

One bottle of Cranberry juice

One eatable underwear (5 flavors to choose from)

two flovored condoms

A burger

and fries

By Blogger Stone, at August 27, 2005  

anything including pasta and/or salmon. mmm!

By Blogger Dayrell, at August 27, 2005  

It''s quite impressive.

By Anonymous Harold Ellett, at December 05, 2005  

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