August 15, 2005


sex and the city
Well,after taking a weekend break from fashion blogging I have decided to devote this week to something I'm also very knowledgeable about...SEX. So welcome to my GROWN AND SEXY WEEK here at HollyHood Blogazine.I plan on being explicit at times,and isn't that what sex is?
Just the mere mention of Sex evokes a feeling in some people,some are comfortbale talking about it and some are really cringing that I'm doing a week of this. Relax, I promise to keep it entertaining and your blushing down to a minimum ok? Like really good sex, I'm gonna start slow and and ease it in slowly as the week progresses.
Today,I started off with a little foreplay with Model Citizen.I had the chance to interview a friend of mine that I consider the male Karrine Steffans(the video vixen) in the orgasmic True HollyHood Story. Of course I kept you wet and lubricated with my Gossip 2 Go. I'm sure you'll like the way I go down on you with my tips on being more sexy.
It's not the size of the blog,it's what you do with it and I'm not stopping until you the conclusion that You're in the hood now baby...and I'm the trojan magnum of this shit!!

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Girl you is nasty. LOL that's why i love you so much

By Blogger Stone, at August 15, 2005  

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