August 05, 2005


This is gonna be a HollyHood staple right here.It's where me and you will take apart a celebrity and re-do them the way we'd rather see them.Not that they'll change for us,but haven't you ever looked at a magazine or a tv show and seen a celeb and said "if they would just...they would be so much better"?
Today's celeb: Has no sense of age appropriate,lacks the body and the sex appeal to pull off the outfits she rocks and yet is the queen of #1 singles and is riding high for 10 weeks from her current #1 We Belong Together,breakdowns aside this chick needs a makeover...ladies and gentlemen...Mariah Carey
MY OPINION- Don't get me wrong,I've met Mariah Carey quite a few times and she is breath taking in person(in the face)Her clothes are too tight and too short.For some reason she has this idea that she's still 20 and could pull off a lot of those outfits.I'd like to see her hair red again and in a cute shoulder length cut.She doesn't have to lose weight,just dress right for her size.Of course my opinion means squat considering this chick has a number 1 song with her current look.She does get the look right sometimes but she's very inconsistent(spell check aisle 1...please)
Opinions?Let's play dress up with Mariah,who has the look that would work on her.Does she need one? Lemme know...unlike Gwen,I am a holla back girl,so Holla back.
mariah 1

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I know I know - I need to dress more appropriately and I definately need a new do. I'm still on that only one angle of my profile looks good as well, lol

I fear I might be like 45 and stuffed into these outfits and all of my vocal ability will be overshadowed by that.

It's amazing what STYLIST will present to me, as being FOR me. I spend so much damn money on all of this 'look' when I get home at nite - I literally EXPLODE - I think eventually the gift of BREATHING will overtake the need to be SEEN.


By Blogger Pammie, at August 05, 2005  

It feels really good to see i'm not alone on this... AMEN to the 'age appropriate' and on that note I'm looking forward to the episode with Toni Braxton!! I've noticed that trend with the older ones... 'growing down' instead of growing up music/image-wise. And some of these young ones just think their grown... think mandy moore,ashley(not mary-kate)... its cute though

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 05, 2005  

Wow to that last picture...I've forgotten how tiny Mariah was at one time. I'm not much of a stylist but I agree that she should definitely dress for her size & drop the hoochie Mama outfits.

By Blogger E, at August 06, 2005  

Not a fan of stylists? EVERY CELEB NEEDS A STYLIST! Some more than others.

But I agree... Mariah's style is lacking. Her clothes don't fit at all. She has a sexy body and would look phenomenal if her clothes fit. But most of the time she looks frumpy and like she is trying too hard to be sexy.

And Toni... while she may dress sexy and young... I think her shyt is always thorough, and looks good.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 08, 2005  

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