August 11, 2005


Hey people,it's the self proclaimed Princess of Blog,here with the latest edition of HollyHood Blogazine,calm down you could breathe again.This fashion week thing was hard as fuck.I should have did a fashion day or something.Thank Gucci tomorrow is Friday and the last day of this.Not that it hasn't been fun,but it was kinda hard bringing 5 days of the hottest fashion related pics and articles.I think I pulled it off flawlessly though.
Today I came up with 10 hilarious ways to tell if you need a makeover and a look at some 70's fashion icons who's styles still grace some of the today's biggest drag queens.Beauty comes in all shapes sizes and colors and with my pick for this week's Model Citizen you'll see you don't have to be blonde and blue eyed to grace covers and give more sex appeal than a porn star. And don't you dare leave without checking out the latest fall menswear collections from Gucci,Dsquared,and Kenneth Cole and of course more gossip than 3 queens that haven't spoken in a while(and we know that's a lot of gossip)
Put the diamonds,Prada belts,and Manolos in the bag and walk away from the bag're in da hood now baby,and I like nice shit!!LOL

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