August 12, 2005


Welcome to the final day of Fashion Week.It's been a blast but if I upload another pic of a person on a catwalk I am going to take my beautiful vintage Givenchy scarf once belonging to Jackie O(the real one,not the tacky rapper) and hang myself.I hope you enjoyed it,I had a blast doing it.
Next week will be a themed week also,before you start grunting and's Grown and Sexy Week where everything will be sex themed.So kiddies I suggest you not visit HollyHood next week,it's only for the Grown and Sexy.
Today's edition of HollyHood Blogazine features the latest women's fall fashion from Versace and Roberto Cavalli.I made my usual fashion rant about a celeb that should know better and this week's recipient just might win for most deserving of a HollyHood Makeover.I also chose a few of my favorite moments in fashion history.My top 10 reasons why modeling might not be the job for you and of course gossip 2 go.
If you missed any part of fashion week(shame on you) here is a breakdown for you: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
I would like to make a few shout outs:
I would like to shout out all the designers,stylists,models and celebs that made this such a photo-filled fashion week.I would also like to shout out all the colleges that stop by and leave those cute e-mails begging for money.I would also like to thank the military,Navy, Army and all those that protect us and yet have time to look at sexy women on my and of course last but not least all you readers...I love you like Prada and you know it!!
I'm not just the creator and sole contributor,I AM the epitome of HollyHood and so are you (not you with the jheri curl and fake New Balances on)
Thanks yall...YOU'RE IN DA HOOD NOW BABY for sure

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I'd say your fashion week was a success. Plus I need to go shopping now...*LOL*.

By Blogger E, at August 13, 2005  

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