August 24, 2005


Most of you know that I'm gorgeous,fabulous,slightly wealthy and talented but did you know that I'm also a psychic.Yes, sweeties,I'm like Dr. that does my colonics...I see shit before it happens.(Spoken in a fake Jamaican Accent) E-Mail Me Now!! I am Miss Clean Ho, Psychic.Here's your predictions...lolol(I am so Foolish)

ARIES-I see an exciting date in your future,it's your sentencing date...sweetie whatever you're thinking about doing,stop.Also,stop being selfish and give that friend what they want.
TAURUS-I see money.Are you working on some scheme to get some?It might work honey...if not..see Aries.
GEMINI-Did you not wake up feeling cute today?Well it's just a feeling...fix up that outfit immediately.
CANCER-I see Gucci in your future,well maybe that's just mine.
LEO-It's all about you! It's all about you getting slapped if you don't calm that I'm better than you attitude today.
VIRGO-Dear sweet Virgo.Stop talking about people...I heard what you said about me bitches and we will fight.
LIBRA-Oh so you like to flirt with other people's dates.See Leo.
SCORPIO-You are in heat.Call me!
SAGITTARIUS-I see you buying Cancer that Gucci.
CAPRICORN-Stop being so serious.Everyone else seems to be laughing at you...I mean around you.
AQUARIUS-Cut the Holier Than Thou act,Your ass is going to the strip club this work.
PISCES-Loving,kind, Pisces...somebody is out to test your kindness...slap that bitch.

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I'm a scorpio...How did you know ?!?!?!?

By Blogger Valentino, at August 24, 2005  

girl that miss cleo thing had me dying this afternoon, thank you for the laugh!

By Blogger K, at August 24, 2005  

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