August 18, 2005


It's day 4 of Grown and Sexy Week and it's been so much fun.The talks of Porn and pics of nice asses and pretty people and pretty people with nice asses has got me feeling all tingly...down there.
Here in HollyHood a girl just got shot for wearing the wrong colors...learn to match bitch or I'll do it again!

N-E-O-way,I have totally been neglecting the small population of straight guys here at the Hood and I promise that you will be pleaseD with today's edition(now what are you gonna do for me?).
Grown and Sexy Women are pics collected of celebrity women that decided to show their inner skank I mean ho I mean sex kitten to us via magzines such as King,Smooth and Stuff.On the opposite end of the spectrum HIP-HOP HONEYS,the video girl has to to put it out all on the table to get a little respect in the biz,same situations as the above celebs but different audience reactions,interesting.Gossip 2 Go features the infamous nude pic of Jude Law that promises to show that his "short comings" won't slow him down and make sure you read my answer to the age ol' question:Does Size Matter?
Feel free to check out past sex related topics I covered that you might have missed:Sometimes You Just Wanna Fuck & How to be A Good Bootie Call

Shout outs to the The Dirty Blogger Crew.I call us that because together we bring you more dirt than the bottom of Britney Spear's 4ever bare feet,more dirt than Star Jones' calves(you lost weight mama but you still look like you can't touch your toes),more scandal than her husband's PlayGirl Collection, and more humor than Jennifer Lopez's last album sales. We're gonna Boogie Tonight as we keeps it Crunk in HollyHood while Inciting a Riot.
Click those links after reading me,cuz like're in the hood now baby and I'm your mayor The Honorable(and fabulous) Holiday N.

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