August 04, 2005


Today in HollyHood Blogazine I brought you the do's for having a successful booty call.
I brought you "moment of fabulousness" where I spotlight an event that brought out the a-listers and today's event was The Russell Simmons Art For Life charity.Check out the pics and a video clip. Also the new trend in celeb fitness...curves! And a definite must see Lindsay Lohan pic.
The "bulging" world of tennis star Andy Roddick and a must see pic(if you're into dick print shots...and who isn't?)
and the popular When Gadgets Go Glam.Where the latest gadgets can be viewed,and a truckload of gossip. Enjoy people cuz...

You're in the hood now baby!!

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Nice issue today!

By Blogger E, at August 04, 2005  

Oh I forgot...I'm a little late in catching Mariah's latest video, but it's totally cool that she had a "HOLLYHOOD" sign. I think it's a shout-out!

By Blogger E, at August 04, 2005  

Hmmmmm....Do I have a new blog to tune into? Let's wait and see...Thanks for the love on the blog.

By Blogger The Foxybrown Show, at August 05, 2005  

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