August 16, 2005


How was your Monday?Great.Anyaway,Today's the second day of Grown and Sexy Week here at HollyHood Blogazine and things started off bootieful with my little tribute to the male celebrity ass,from Usher to Marlon Wayans there's a little something for everybody(well not if you're a straight guy) ok ladies!
Part 2 of my interview with my friend and real life male gigolo Big D continues with a link to part 1 if you missed it.Gorgeous Brazillian model,Bruno Santos graces my Model Citizen column.And don't forget my gossip 2 go.Also do not forget to check out the comical 10 ways to know you can't fuck.
Go put on some slow jams and light a candle and then let yourself out cuz I have a date coming over.You wanted it and here you are, welcome you're in da hood now baby

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