August 16, 2005


One of my personal favorite body parts on a man is a nice juicy ass.I love grabbing,spanking and holding on to for dear life(during some really rough sex) a nice plump ass.Guys have been writing songs about women's asses since the 90's,men have asses too,where's that song.
It's just something about the way a guy walks when he's got 2 round mucular cheeks just bouncing in his pants with each step he takes.Won't you join me in viewing some celebrity booties.Sorry straight guys(do any read this blog?LOL) but this one's for the ladies and the boys that sleep with boys.Being the male ass expert that I am,I plan to bring you my commentary on the booties I brought upon us.
BORIS KODJOE-model/actor-has the classic bootie for a man his size and build.It's muscular and at the same time juicy,I'm guessing each cheek is about two 1/2 handfuls big and the bounce factor is minimal.
BRAD PITT-classic good looks with a bootie to match.It's not obscene but it's very cute and round just the same.
brad pitt
USHER-loves to show off his good side.I call this kind of bootie,The West Side Story.The perfect W that the ass makes,almost gives it the appearance of smiling.I know I am.(in the pic with the pink boxers,the boxers were so baggy that when he stepped on to the limo...photographer's got an eye full.
EMINEM-another exhibitionist.And for a white guy he definitely brings a lot of meat to the table.It's really a big juicy booty,2 snaps for Em. He has what I call long and strong...if you look at the length it seems to has a nice curve.
MARLON WAYANS-has what I call surprise bootie.for such a skinny guy who wears such baggy clothing,when he whips that ass out it's always a shock to see that big ol' thing make it's appearance.I remember at the MTV VMA's when he mooned the crowd,you could hear the whole audience gasp.Perfection.
marlon wayans

????-I don't know who these guys are and they are not celebs...but dammit they should be!Look how the shoulders are wide which goes to a small waist and then BOOM.. ass.
twins showin da azz

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Girl I am feeling you! Had a man with a flat ass and I swear it affected the quality of his stroke! The man I have now has a lovely one and man can he work it!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 16, 2005  

that was

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 17, 2005  

I'll take that Wayans...

By Blogger Trent Jackson, at August 17, 2005  

das wsup!!

By Blogger DizYaBoy, at August 20, 2005  

Marlons got the hottest black ass ive ever seen!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 26, 2006  

It is very interesting to see how a woman see a male body, I have to thank you for teaching me. Reading this article gave me more self-confidence in my body(if U know what I mean)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 08, 2006  

Usher's ass rocks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 25, 2010  

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