August 15, 2005


If you're like most people that encounter me(either in life or blog) I'm sure you've thought to yourself "why is this chick so sexy?" or better yet "how can I be as sexy as Miss Holiday N.?" and the answer is can't.Sweeties I was sexy in all of my past lives so don't feel bad.The good news is,I can give you few pointers on upping your sex appeal just a little bit.
1- Create an element of danger
That little bit of mystery mixed with unpredictablity is definitely a turn on.You want people to feel your presence when you walk in a room.If you have this appeal, you play by your own rules. You don't take shit from anyone.Hence,the whole bad boy/bad girl thing that everyone loves.
ALLEN IVERSON-the forever bad boy,just the tatoos alone give him that can't bring him home to mama look.
2- Play up your physical attributes
If you have a good ass, a good chest, strong arms... then show them off. Not that you need the six-pack abs and chiseled physique, but stay in shape with some jogging or weight training -- it's always a good thing.
If people compliment you on your lips,keep em moist and luscious,eyes keep them clear bright and big,smile keep teeth healthy and white.Play up various body parts with fashion(tight where you want to show it off and loose where you'd like to play it down.)
ANGELINA JOLIE- is known for her alluring demeanor and definitely is a master at playing up that gorgeous mug,those eyes and lips are more than her trademark they are reasons to become lesbian.
3- Be well-groomed
Nobody wants a funky somebody coming at us asking for our attention.
Just the fact that you care about yourself enough to work on your look gives you what marketing people would called "added value." If you believe you're worth the extra effort in front of the mirror, potential dates are all the more likely to believe you're worth looking at. Just don't go so far that you look too manicured or you'll be seen as a narcissist or even if you're
If it works for you, then the two- or three-day stubble might give you that bad boy look women love. Good cologne used sparingly goes a long way on a man. Have trimmed and clean nails. Keep your hands moisturized (women appreciate this). Keep your clothes wrinkle-free.
Ladies,glam it up sometimes..not hoochie.Take a page from the women of old Hollywood and give them sex APPEAL,put on some subtle yet seductive make-up sometimes,give into that drama look once in a while..give him the hair,the nails,a little bit of skin,and some heels..c'mon use your inner EVE and seduce him.
DAVID BECKHAM-The European equal to Michael Jordan is known for his impeccable style and metrosexual ways.
david beckham
4- Let your sense of humor show
Don't we love a sense of humor?It's one of the things(after being stunned by my gorgeousness)that attracts men to me. Be quick. Be witty. Be clever. And be elusive. A sense of humor is perfect for keeping the conversation moving. Remember to be light with your humor. No joking about "downer" topics or being too self-effacing. When possible, use your sense of humor to tease them.Women(men too)love this.
WILL SMITH-was considered sexy before he buffed himself into big Willie.His sense of humor definitely made women laugh right out of their panties.
will smith
5- Do the cool, confident thing
You want people to listen when you talk and care about your opinion. You need to show confidence. There's no greater aphrodisiac. Stay in control, there's nothing you can't handle. And don't get caught up in petty squabbles. Be the "bigger" man consistently. Furthermore, speak in a clear, deep voice. Men are given a deep register, use it more.
You need to be comfortable in your own skin; proud of your look, your social skills and your posture.This will definitely send clear signals to the potential date that you are somebody to be desired.
P.DIDDY-is not the most attractive man in the world,but he gives off such an air of power and confidence that we can't help but fall for the hype.
diddy and j-lo
Here's a quote for you:
Sex appeal is 10% of what you have,and 90% of what they think you have. Remember That!!

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