August 03, 2005


BET's Hill says that the network learned of A.J. Calloway's plans to quit the day he announced it. "We knew he was going announce it on air [but] we didn't know how he was going to do it. We encouraged him to do it as he wanted. He didn't have to clear the method with us. We wanted him to do it the way his heart felt best doing so. After five years, he had earned that," he explained.
Rumors have been abuzz since the BET Awards that Free had bolted the network. Several reports had the Boston-bred part-time rapper having a verbal altercation with Hill during the ceremony that caused her to quit on the spot, thus explaining her absence from presenting the Viewer's Choice Award alongside Calloway.
Hill says the rumors are not true. "There was no argument and no quitting on the spot. Free was on vacation like I previously stated but apparently decided during her time off to move on," he clarified. So why didn't Free present the Viewer's Choice Award? "That's something I am not at liberty to discuss," Hill confessed.
It was just over a year ago that Calloway had problems with BET over moonlighting for the news magazine show 'Extra!' and skipping out on '106 & Park' tapings. Calloway was rumored to have been fired by '106 & Park,' while he was adamant that he quit the show and even gave an "I Quit" party in Los Angeles following last year's BET Awards. Whatever the situation was, it was reconciled, and Calloway returned to the show several months later.
"You never know when you're going to see the last of something," said Calloway during his final live broadcast. But Hill assures us that '106 & Park' will live on without its former hosts. Tigger ('BET Style') and Julissa ('The Center') will host this week, but Hill says that move is only temporary. "They are not the permanent hosts and people will have to stay tuned to see what happens next," he reminded.
Expect other BET personalities like Ray J (' Countdown'), Melissa Ford ('BET Style') and Mad Linx ('Rap City'); in addition to a bevy of celebrity guest hosts to hold down the show in the weeks to come.
That's lame and I'm not buying it..renting ..or leasing that tired ass excuse.
Can't Say Names ...
... What recently married Hollywood heartthrob used to have a contract that the women he bedded had to sign prior to intercourse. The agreement read like, "I ________ consent to having sexual intercourse with _________ and at no time will claim it is nonconsensual or rape..." Since said actor has never had any sexual harassment charges filed against him, looks like the practice worked.
Brownstone singer Nicci Gilbert is ready to give the Pussycat Dolls a run for their money. Gilbert is producing a burlesque show called 'Soul Kittens Cabaret,' which is set to launch in Jan. 2006. 'Soul Kittens Cabaret' will also star R&B singer Monifah, singer-actress Taral Hicks, 'Making The Band 2' finalist TonDalaya Gallant, Bad Boy's Da Band singer Sara Stokes and 'Meet The Browns' star Demetria McKinney. The musical journey of 'Soul Kittens Cabaret' begins in the 1920s in Harlem, moves through the Motown era, makes stops in the '70s and '80s, and concludes with original hits from the upcoming 'Soul Kittens Cabaret' soundtrack.

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