August 17, 2005


When I first started having sex I remember being so fucking appalled when a guy asked me to go down on him."Nice girls don't do that","that's gay",or "that's nasty" were three phrases guys heard on the regular from me.I remember hearing that it's like sucking a lollipop.i don't recall lollipos being 8 inches long thick and ejaculating.There was one drunken night when I was a little bit more loose feeling I was "talked" into doing it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.I remember telling my girls about it and it turned out they've been on the pipe for a while.T.M.I.? Too bad.

N- E- O way, going down is something like what porn used to be, hush hush and taboo but is now coming out(or should I say going in)the mouths of mainstream.I remember having a gay friend of mine teaching me and my girls how to properly do it(with dildos of various sizes)it sounds crazy,but ladies if you have a guy that likes it done and you're not doing it right,or worse,not at all...he's gonna get it elsewhere..TRUST.
Nobody's saying you have to be a porn star,but you better hold that mic and sing like your ass is Mariah fuckin Carey.

Fellas you are not excluded from this..I only give head to get head.Like my girl Kim said"No licky licky no sticky sticky".Guys never wanna admit to doing it..but they do it..especially if you tell them that you'll reciprocate.I like my men to go down like it's the movie Titanic and you're searching for survivors...and don't come up till I'm singing "My Heart Will go On"

This act could be even more pleasurable for everybody if you just spice it up somehow.It's up to you how freaky or vanilla plain you want it go.
Foods are sexy when added to the mix,chocoalte syrup,ice cream,even flavored lubricants are okay.Don't be afraid to ask for and recieve what you is 2 people( well,sometimes).
Okay I know that mouths are wide open off of the fact that i went there and wrote an article about giving see if you just kept your mouth open for your partner,this article would not have been needed would it?

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I don't know if this is a cultural thing or what, but my white boyfriends love eating pussy in a greedy manner, whereas the black men in my life give a half-hearted effort at best...what is up with that?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 18, 2005  

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