August 24, 2005


Quentin Elias was born on May 10th 1980 in Marseille in the south of France.He really hated school and his mom worried he would be influenced by the bad neighborhood. She pushed him to play sports.However, Quentin had something else in mind. His sister was involved in the performing arts and he too became fascinated. After talking his mom into taking dance, he enrolled and began tap dance classes at age 6, this later evolved to classes at the Katia Barcelo dance studio in ballet, modern jazz and then kickboxing at age 12. Quentin had developed a passion for performing.

At age 15 he ran away to Paris. With a few dollars in his pocket, he slept his first nights in Paris on the streets. He started working in restaurants and other odd jobs while auditioning for several dancing and singing roles.
Until one day, the producer, GERARD LOUVIN was trying to put a band together, and decided to give Quentin a chance. He was selected from 1,000 participants to be the lead singer in a new band.A journey and adventure started for Quentin with ALLIAGE. Alliage became a huge overnight success with Quentin as the main star. Alliage sold more than 5 million CD's, had three albums, six singles on the top five charts and performed all over the world with more than 1,000 sold out concerts.

Still feeling as something was missing and wanting more, Quentin moved to NYC and had the chance to meet the promoter MARK NELSON, whom introduced him to the very talented music producer, JUNIOR VASQUEZ. Together they decided to start working on an album project that finally sounded like Quentin! With the help of ALAN BARSON, and JUNIOR VASQUEZ, Quentin has begun to embark on his own American dream.

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da pics are HOT!!

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